LEGO Marvel's Avengers | Review
The Good
  • + Reliving some of the best Marvel movies in LEGO form is adorable
  • + Voicing each character via movie voice samples is neat
The Bad
  • - Pacing between the first and second Avengers movie feels a little off
  • - It’s sometimes slightly confusing to understand objectives
75%"Good Fun"

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Start Replay: “Assembly Required”

The Avengers may have already assembled in Traveller’s Tales’ 2014 Marvel video game, but now fans can finally experience all of those magical movie moments that have dominated theatres over the years. LEGO Marvel’s Avengers ties together both the original Avengers movie and its sequel, Age of Ultron. It’s a lot fun reliving memorable set pieces, but sometimes its pacing feels a little off.

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With so many movies to pick from, it must have been hard to figure out the best way forward. Merging every Marvel film thus far would have been quite an undertaking, so instead TT has picked fan favourite scenes to pad out the game’s story campaign. This includes moments from the original Captain America, its sequel Winter Soldier, Thor: The Dark World, and Iron Man 3. Not only that, but Civil War and Ant-Man content is incoming too, which will round off an already robust package.

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I’ve always preferred LEGO games that allow me to relive a film’s action brick-by-brick, as opposed to original storylines crafted by Traveller’s Tales themselves. As an adult I tend to get more enjoyment from the nostalgia of acting out my favourite movie scenes. The addition of slapstick humour, accompanied by LEGO’s undeniable charm, makes gameplay even more enjoyable.

LEGO Avenger’s authentic retelling of the movies doesn’t stop at visuals, sound clips have been picked directly from the movies themselves. For the most part it was satisfying to hear the likes of Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson reprising their roles, though there were times in which the cut n’ paste approach to voice clips didn’t translate all that well. There were occasions in which audio levels were too low or the quality of one scene would differ drastically to another. This wasn’t a huge impact, but it was noticeable at certain times nonetheless.

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Compared to 2014’s LEGO Marvel adventure – and pretty much any other LEGO title – gameplay has very similar characteristics. The newly-added addition of team-up abilities allows any character to work together with another, whilst unleashing a devastating attack on any surrounding enemies. One such move includes Thor teaming up with Captain America; as Thor hits his hammer onto Cap’s shield it causes a massive amount of destruction. New York City once again sets itself as an open world for players to explore, consisting of set pieces and locations from the films. There’s a lot of content to plough through, which will keep any fan busy for a long time.

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The biggest problem I have is with the campaign’s structure. It opens with the beginning of Avengers: Age of Ultron, before heading to the start of the first Avengers; switching between previous movies for flash back sequences. Levels based on other movies such as Iron Man 3 and Winter Soldier are playable through the game’s hub. I understand the need to keep these experiences separate from the main game, but it would have felt better to have them introduced into complete individual campaigns. It all feels a little too segmented having only certain moments backed up by a simple story pane, which fills in pieces of story here and there. My only other gripe surrounds the game’s objectives, as I sometimes felt a little confused on where to go or what to do next.

That said, bashing blocks and collecting studs – alone or with a friend – is still incredibly satisfying. I’m just happy to relive the magic of the movies in adorable LEGO form.



Much like any other game from Traveller’s Tales, your enjoyment will solely depend on its source material. If you thoroughly enjoy anything Marvel and have a great time watching the movies, this LEGO adventure is an absolute blast. It’s great to hear all the A-list celebrities voicing their brick-built counterparts, as it makes the journey even more authentic. It’s just a shame to have previous movies represented in smaller segments.


*LEGO Marvel’s Avengers was provided to Start Replay on PlayStation 4 by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

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