The LEGO Ninago Movie Game | Review
In a similar fashion to every other LEGO adventure produced by Traveller’s Tales, Ninjago sticks humour and easy to pick-up gameplay firmly at its centre. This movie tie-in might not be their most ambitious game, but it does a good enough job of presenting another light hearted, brick bashing entry.

What is it?

The official tie in video game to the LEGO Ninjago movie.

Is it any good?

The amount of enjoyment you’ll get from a LEGO video game will largely depend on your fondness of the license it is based on. I can’t say that Ninjago has ever popped up on my radar as an alluring and noteworthy LEGO brand to match the excitement I get from, say, a new Star Wars LEGO game. However, despite my doubts I have had a reasonably fun time entering Ninjago’s world as a newcomer.

It pretty much falls in line with every other LEGO game by providing the same cookie cutter formula of slapstick humour and brick-busting gameplay across eight large levels. In addition to its main campaign up to four players can face off against each other in competitive Battle Maps.

Anything bad to report?

Not exactly, but then again there’s only so much a video game tie in can present. I feel as though, perhaps, Ninjago would have been able to present so much more outside the restriction of being linked to a film. It’s the same old gameplay formula we’ve seen before, freshened up with some cool Ninja-themed combat, which is cool but hardly groundbreaking.

Should you buy it?

If you consider yourself either a big Ninjago fan or a casual fan of LEGO games, then yes. If you’re looking for the next big blockbuster, then perhaps hold on for LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2.

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