The LEGO games have all followed similar paths in terms of gameplay and general humorous banter. Within each level are ten Minikits and an assortment of other hidden collectibles. The first LEGO game I played was LEGO: Star Wars, which required you to find ten minikits, one red brick and achieve “True Jedi” within each level. Achieving “True Jedi” was completed by collecting a certain amount of studs and, during most levels, this could only be accomplished by replaying the levels post-end game.

As the LEGO titles have progressed, so has the difficulty and the enjoyment. LEGO: The Hobbit includes the same features described above but includes a whole menagerie of other tasks, collectibles and easter eggs for the common trophy whore. Instead of “True Jedi” you can achieve “Master Burglar”, keeping in context with the role that Bilbo Baggins plays during the movie, and within each level there is one Mithril brick and one blacksmith’s plan to find.

These two items are essential to fully completing the game as there are many citizens of Middle Earth that require your assistance in acquiring certain Mithril items. The combination of Mithril bricks and the blacksmith’s plans enable you to create specific items and supply the citizens in need with their desired objects. These objects range from Mithril boxing gloves to Mithril belts, each giving you different abilities such as super human strength or x10 stud multiplier. In all honesty, quite a few of these coveted Mithril items are completely pointless and serve only as decoration for your Middle Earth hero, but then again, when have the Lego games ever needed to take themselves seriously?

Similar to many other entries, LEGO: The Hobbit features a fully open-world layout to explore, in true Hobbit fashion. Every area is fully traversable and will ask a lot of you if you’re searching for those hidden trophies. Fortunately developers Traveller’s Tales have improved the issue of nomadic wandering across Middle Earth by allowing you to call upon the Great Eagles to drop you off at certain places. You can’t just blow a whistle and expect them to come whenever, there are Eagle stones situated around the map that let you access the power of Eagle flight.

The gameplay is identical to every other LEGO game out there, essentially resulting in a dumbed down hack ‘n’ slash. Don’t start thinking that this is some gory, blood spattering game, it is for kids after all, but if you look past the childish aspect you can really start to immerse yourself and have heaps of fun. The story is based upon the first two films of The Hobbit with DLC for the third probably available shortly after the movie.

Similar to The LEGO Movie Videogame, actual building is required. The user will have to choose the correct LEGO piece featured in the model in order to progress. If you manage to select the right piece quick enough and make no mistakes then you can gain serious amounts of bonus studs.

I’m a huge fan of the LEGO games and this one is up there at the top. Before I wrote this I completed the main story but I’ve still got a tonne of tasks to complete and items to find. It may take me a while but rest assured that I’m determined to become a Master Burglar!

LEGO The Hobbit Review
Overall LEGO: The Hobbit is a fantastic game that keeps the light humour from the previous games mixed with direct audio quotes from the film and fun filled levels; an equation that results in a serious addiction and makes you want to play more and more. I only hope that we see an evolution of the series beyond a typical re-skin, title after title.
  • + Classic light LEGO humour
  • + Good choice of chapters
  • + Actual audio from the film
  • - Identical to almost every other LEGO game

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