If there’s one game I fondly remember from my childhood, it’s Lemmings. Getting given the goal of navigating a plethora of tiny creatures, whilst avoiding an untimely death, was both addictive and frustrating. After a long hiatus the series has returned, but instead of providing another entry on consoles, we’re getting a portable entry on the Playstation Vita.

As you’d expect, Lemmings on Vita takes advantage of its unique controls and smaller form factor, providing touch control and more bite-sized missions. With a total of one hundred levels, ranging from easy to hard, there’s plenty available for any fan of the tiny critters. I’m not going to lie by saying I fell straight into the game, it’s been a long time since I last tried my hand at manoeuvring Lemmings and my skills were, and still are, rusty. Nevertheless I moved through my lack of skill and did my best to save every Lemming I could.

Before starting each level you’re able to scan your environment, by dragging across the touch screen, surveying the route and figuring out your tactics. Most of the time I’d give as much of a gap as I could between my first few Lemmings, whereafter I’d pause the action, take a look at the actions available to me and plan the journey ahead.

Once you figure out a level’s structure, it’s all about timing from then on out. It wasn’t long until my Lemming death count rose into the thousands, but trust me when I say it was entirely my fault. I couldn’t help but reminisce over my first time playing the series which came through only one level on a Playstation demo disc. My most memorable moment? Detonating every Lemming. It was funny, satisfying and sticks with me to this day, hence why I continued to do this throughout on Lemmings Touch. As an added objective there are now a handful of mischievous Lemmings making the rounds, and if they reach the end of the level, it’s game over. So now you actually have a reason to get rid of them!

For the first time you’re also able to customise your Lemmings, including their colour, hair style and even accessories. So off I went with my red-haired, moustached and bow tied minion. However great I found my dip back into Lemmings, I couldn’t help but feel that the Vita’s features were underused. You could essentially port over this entry onto a console without much fuss, making you move platforms with the analogue stick, opposed to dragging them with your finger. Also, I did hope to use the back touch pad, but unfortunately it was rendered useless.

Lemmings Touch was provided to Start Replay by Sony XDev.

Lemmings Touch Vita Review
It’s fair to say that I find it hard to warrant time towards my Vita, since its current catalogue of games is quite lacklustre. Though I wouldn’t say Lemmings Touch is the ‘Killer App’ it needs, it’s definitely a foot in the right direction, catering to gamers on the move with classic gameplay and more manageable level structures.
  • + Classic Lemming action
  • + Varied levels
  • + Multiple ways to complete various levels, whilst also demanding you to think hard
  • - New players might find it hard to keep invested
70%"Good Fun"

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