Life is Strange | Episode Three Review
The Good
  • + Mind blowing conclusion
  • + There’s a dog!
The Bad
  • - I’m regretting some of my decisions


Life is Strange continues its run with a strong and impactful third episode. If you haven’t already started your journey as Max Caulfield and her time manipulating abilities, why not? It’s an awesome series so far, and if you like TellTale’s adventures, you’ll love this. Get on it and purchase episode one at least. As for those continuing, enjoy this latest piece of storytelling and keep seated for a mind-boggling ending.


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*Life is Strange “Chaos Theory” was provided to Start Replay on PS4 by Square-Enix 

I’m starting this review with a dilemma – how do you continue to score an episodic series without spoiling it all for the lovely readers that are interested? For episode two I dropped a bucket of spoilers, but for episode three I’m going to restrain my spoilerific tendencies. Wish me luck…

Episode three, titled “Chaos Theory”, introduces some big changes in the Life is Strange timeline. But alongside being presented with more choices to make, it was the smaller details that really caught my eye. For instance, I noticed that I failed to sign a petition during episode one to stop surveillance equipment being mounted in the school, though finding out it failed to pass by a couple of votes, perhaps signing it would’ve changed the outcome? It was subtle, but made me think more about how different things might be on a second play through.

Life Is Strange™_20150525191413

Learning more about Chloe’s past was nice, and seeing her relationship with Max grow closer was touching, especially after my traumatic experience in episode two. Even now I’m hesitating to explain the exact reason why. Perhaps those of you reading this and playing through having experienced the same thing? Nonetheless, it was interesting to see the fallout from the death of one of my friends. See, now you’ll either know, or forever keep wandering as to who I’m talking about. Crisis averted.

Life Is Strange™_20150525201108

The usual mix of story-changing moments came in to play, as usual, but the ending was something I truly wasn’t expecting. Quite frankly, it was insane and changes everything. I’m thoroughly enjoying my journey thus far, and it’s impressive how multilayered developer DONTNOD has made the experience, making each choice you make matter.


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