Square Enix have produced many, many fantastic titles over the past few years, and have earned the top spot on my video game publisher list. With astonishing games like Tomb Raider, Sleeping Dogs and Just Cause rolling out of their company, I was truly excited to see their name on the new RPG, Lords Of The Fallen. Hours and hours of fun were to sink into this new IP, well, that was my thought process until the huge, 1 hour multi-stage bosses needed only a few more hits and … LordsOfTheFallen.exe has stopped working.

With a very similar style to Dark Souls, Lords of the Fallen throws you into a pre-medieval fantasy setting, where no sins are ever forgotten. You play as the dull hero ‘Harkyn’, a convicted criminal who has been released from his dungeon at one final chance to redeem himself; he must defeat the long defeated gods, who have vanished for thousands of years… How convenient for Harkyn. You are instantly joined by a dusty, useless old fellow, who tries to tell you what s**t has gone down while you have been away. You then enter the castle, which can only be described as Skyrim’s ‘College of Winterhold’, as you slowly find more dusty, ancient, and just plain uninteresting men.


I wouldn’t be too shocked if Harkyn had spent his entire life in prison, as he has nothing interesting to say at any point. The monotone voice acting is the perfect switch off as you let the lacklustre story progress. Although I didn’t have a clue what was going on, I gathered that I was on demon clean up duty in the mage citadel. The endless stream of immobile demon people, who only begin to move as you get within 10 feet of them are very ‘samey’. After killing one or two, you learn the patterns of how they move, attack, etc, and the game becomes surprisingly simple. But as soon as you mess up one of your dodge rolls, you are dead in an instant. The regular checkpoints in the environment are a relief; knowing that you don’t have to go back half an hour is quite the delight. “Cough” Dark Souls “Cough”.

Boss battles are a huge part of Lords Of The Fallen. Even in the first half an hour, you have already met two mega demon men. These can vary from a ten minute battle, to a huge 90 minute repetitive massacre. These become a chore to do, and with the games’ unpredictable crashing, they become a worry. Gain, I have no idea why I am having to fight this huge, scary demon; i would personally rather stay in prison than die. Over. And over. The game seems very long, if you die alot. I can recall the devs stating the game “Could be infinite”; it can be beaten in a good 18 hours. Yes, there are many dust caves to explore, and optional loot, but who really has the time when you are running round the same place for 2 hours, I want to get out of there ASAP.


The combat system is good, with a fresh take on third person combat. You quickly learn how important the ‘roll’ feature is, and getting the timing right with it becomes very satisfying. The different weapons you can use are fun, too; long swords, daggers, hammers, the list is endless. There are different shields to match your playstyle as well, a factor to combat that many games lack nowadays. The skill tree provides you with many different ways to more easily deal with your enemies. This is what sets this game apart from Dark Souls, as it is completable with little difficulty. But very quickly, you become too overpowered, and you have no risk of dying.

The game is meant to be multi platform, but for a PC player, the keyboard and mouse just didn’t cut it. Ten minutes of having to deal with frustrating mouse acceleration, and frankly stupid keybinds, I gave in to the Xbox One controller beside me. The game soon became fun to play, but maybe the producers should have spent more time on the PC controls. I can’t even begin to imagine what the game would have been like to play without a game pad.

Lords of the Fallen Review
A great game for any player who likes a standard RPG, with an okay story. The combat system is great but if only the enemies were fun to kill. I wouldn’t be picking up this game for the price it lies at now, because it just doesn’t seem like it is worth it, but don’t worry, I can see this title finding its way into the bargain bin very soon.
  • + Good Combat system
  • + Enemies are tough enough (to begin with)
  • + Lots of hidden areas to explore, if you have the time
  • - The same enemies over, and over
  • - Crashing issues
  • - Boring environment/Boss arenas
68%"Time Killer"

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