Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle | Review
It might sound like a crazy idea on paper, but this XCOM-inspired Mario and Rabbids game is a lot of fun, especially if you’re looking for something that’s easy to pick up and play on the commute to work. Regardless of play style, Kingdom Battle is a solid purchase for Switch owners.
75%"Good Fun"

What is it?

An unlikely crossover that mixes Raving Rabbids with Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom in an XCOM-style, real-time strategy game. What results is a humorous mashup that takes Nintendo’s beloved mascot and places him in wacky, uncharted territory.

Is it any good?

It might not feature ‘traditional’ Mario gameplay, but shifting Nintendo characters around in turn-based combat offers a refreshing change. Tactfully move around the battlefield and plan the perfect strategy to destroy pesky enemy Rabbids! It’s pretty much a child friendly version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, backed by a hilarious script and a wonderful musical score.

The partnership between Ubisoft and Nintendo presents a rare insight into what is possible when Nintendo open their toy box to other developers.

Anything bad to report?

Whilst the turn-based, strategic combat is fun I understand it won’t be for everyone. I also expect a lot of people to get turned off by the fact that this isn’t a traditional Mario game: he can’t perform his signature ‘jump-on-the-spot’ move and the game’s level design is incredibly linear, until you learn new abilities to unlock more areas.

Should you buy it?

If you like the idea of an XCOM-style Mario game then look no further. The results of mixing mischievous Rabbids with a beloved IP such as Mario presents some hilarious moments and seeing a Rabbid in Luigi or Princess Peach cosplay is very funny. Its turn-based gameplay is also brilliant on-the-go.

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