Mighty No. 9 | Review
A generic platformer that attempts to replicate the greatness of Mega Man, but fails to live up to the blue bot’s strong reputation.
The Good
  • + It captures a vile of Mega Man’s look and gameplay
The Bad
  • - Visually uninspiring
  • - Voice acting unnecessary, text would have been sufficient
  • - Clunky level design

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Start Replay: “Not So Mighty”


Whilst I’ve never played a Mega Man game it’s clear that this spiritual successor, Mighty No. 9, has little to love.

Despite my lack of experience, I still expected an addictive and more-some adventure. However, booting up the campaign left me immediately unimpressed, as I was met with lacklustre voice acting, level design and graphics. I began to look at the initial Kickstarter and the concept art that was shown, and frankly I would’ve hoped for something closer to its original design.

Mighty No. 9_20160617162344

Rather than implementing a mixture of 2D and 3D elements, honing the visuals down with some artistic 2D flair would’ve been a lot more nostalgic and, perhaps, might’ve placed Mighty No. 9 closer to the original Mega Man adventures. Instead of bolstering a mixture of different stretch goals, it would’ve been better to strip down its design, leave out the voice acting and attempt something more polished, more characteristic, and simply a whole lot, um, better.

Mighty No. 9_20160620002023

Even before setting foot inside one of the game’s 8 levels, the convoluted menu system and droning music didn’t set the tone I’d hoped for. I was presented with a rafter of different confusing game options and alternate modes that I didn’t care for or need. It all felt like it didn’t hit the marks necessary for a genuinely fun and rich experience, instead presenting a haphazard mixture of convoluted design features.

Mighty No. 9_20160620003148

Okay, so far this has been a pretty negative review, but there are a few saving graces. The actual design of characters remains faithful, seemingly, to the spirit of Mega Man. This is hardly surprising considering that the big blue man’s original project lead, Keiji Inafune, is back at the helm. Its gameplay offers some nifty action and rewards those who learn each level and its enemies inside out.

The result of Mighty No. 9’s wildly successful Kickstarter isn’t what its supporters intended it to be. Aside from the long list of delays, this approximation of what Mega Man should be in spirit doesn’t quite translate to an enjoyable time.

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