Moss PSVR | Review
Moss is a VR masterclass; a joyous quest through a beautiful, mystical world.

What is it?

Moss is a PlayStation VR game that has you guiding an adorable mouse called Quill through a breathtaking fantasy world on a quest to rescue her uncle from dark forces.

Is it any good?

Moss is inarguably one of the greatest games available for PlayStation VR. Moss, despite being a VR game, is a third person platformer. You control Quill, a courageous and endearing mouse, through a tiny world. As you start the game, the giant trees of our world tower above Quill, but beneath these trees is the quaint mouse village, full of joyful residents going on with their daily tasks. The way these miniature dioramas that you overlook juxtapose against the world that overlooks you gives this game a remarkable sense of scale.

Quill is armed with a sword and her bold sense of purpose. The gameplay is neatly split into Uncharted-style platforming, combat and puzzle-solving. Most of these puzzles require you to interact as a “Reader”, an entity with the power to interact with Quill’s world to aid her journey. Throughout the game you encounter blocks that you can push, pull and twist with the DualShock 4’s motion controls. By moving your head, you can look around each diorama within Moss, used for solving Moss’s not too challenging but never frustrating puzzles and finding hidden collectibles.

Gameplay is broken up with segments in which you virtually read the titular storybook “Moss” within a grand hall. These cutscenes are beautiful as they make storybook pages animate and come to life, however I was so enamoured with peeking in on Quill’s world that I would have preferred if the game could have found a way to animate all these cutscenes in-game, so to speak.

Anything bad to report?

The combat of Moss is uninspired. You simply press square to swing your sword until enemies die. There is the added element of being able to freeze enemies by pointing at them and holding R2 but this doesn’t add a great deal of complexity to fights.

Moss is held back by the constraints of PSVR. There were moments when the camera would jerk as the game tried to follow my controller instead of my headset and occasionally I couldn’t reach far enough into the game to interact with specific enemies during a chaotic fight. Fortunately these moments were few and far between and didn’t get in the way of my overall enjoyment.

Should you buy it?

Moss is undoubtedly a game that you should pick up if you own a PlayStation VR headset. It will transport you into a fantastical world, with the cutest, bravest, littlest mouse ever.

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