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MiniClip’s first effort to replicate their success on home consoles is admirable. It might look like a cheap knock off when compared to Ubisoft’s Trials Fusion, but its bite-sized and challenging gameplay is rewarding once mastered.

If you have ever spent a day surfing the internet in an attempt to pass time, there is a high chance that MiniClip might sound familiar. It was, and still is, a website that provides free online games via the use of a web browser. Back in school all it took was a few clicks in the middle of a boring class and before I knew it, the day was over. Fast-forward 16 years and MiniClip are not only thriving when it comes to free online games, but they have also released their first major title for home consoles.

MX Nitro features the same simple and addictive gameplay that MiniClip are well-known to produce. Alongside a robust solo campaign which features a large roster of locations complete with Boss Battles, there is also an asynchronous online multiplayer mode that pits you against the ghosts of other racers. Its simplistic nature wouldn’t feel out of place on mobile platforms, and it’s clear that MiniClip have crafted a home console experience that best represents their talents; an easy control system, coupled alongside basic yet devilishly difficult level design.

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In the same vein as Ubisoft’s motocross stunt game, Trials Fusion, MX Nitro tasks players with mastering in-game physics and pulling off insane stunts. Aside from using elaborate tricks to rack up points, successfully landing any trick will fill up a bike’s boost meter. This is vital in attempting to nail a perfect run and beating an opponent’s time trial. The gameplay quickly ramps up to become as hard as nails, yet besting an opponent is very rewarding. You can also upgrade and purchase news bikes to increase performance, not to mention altering the appearance of both your bike and character.

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For the same price of MX Nitro players can download the much more substantial, and arguably better, Trials Evolution. It’s a hard sell, but that’s not to say MiniClip’s game is a bad one. It’s simply an okay one, which is rivalled by a better and more established competitor.

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