When it comes to sports games the latest incarnation can quite often feel a lot like the last. Sure they add a new soundtrack and team rosters, as well as making a few minor changes to the graphics and gameplay, but you can’t shake the feeling that you could be getting the same experience from playing last year’s edition and save yourself £40 in the process. Although 2K15 tries its best to avoid the risk of feeling familiar, the experience you get from NBA 2K15 feels more like an update to the previous game than something entirely new.

2K Sports executive Greg Thomas said in a statement, “NBA 2K15 is one of the most ambitious sports titles in video game history. We’ve surpassed our own goals to move this franchise in new directions by pushing the boundaries of both hardware and software technologies to create a game that will change what fans can expect from sports simulations.” Given these comments, one must wonder what fans previously expected from sports simulations. The new features, which include the infamous facial scanning, 6000 new animations and new defensive/shooting systems, fail to change what fans can expect from sports simulations. This isn’t to say that NBA 2K15 is a bad game however, since I ended up having a huge amount of fun with the title.

The gameplay is fast and fun, it mixes the right amount complexity and simplicity to keep both first time players and veteran NBA gamers interested. I played against my 10 year of football fanatic cousin and not only did he pick up on the game mechanics very quickly but he loved the game and didn’t want to go back to playing FIFA after NBA had it’s grip on him. The 6,000 new on-court animations, as well as the new defensive AI and shooting systems are not exactly noticeable in the fast paced game that is NBA 2K15, and I also failed to notice an emphasis on giving players more control which 2K said the new features added.

The career mode is essentially the same as seen in 2K14 but with further character development, new cutscenes and of course, the ability to use your own characters made using the infamous face scan feature.

Speaking of the face scan feature, what kind of review would this if we didn’t cover this now notorious aspect of the game. When I had Freya scan in her face for test purposes, what we created was quite frankly horrifying. Despite how awfully inaccurate the face scanning was it has caught the attention of more than a few non-NBA fans and because of this it was actually a pretty neat marketing ploy.

*NBA 2K15 was provided to Start Replay on Xbox One courtesy of Xbox

NBA 2K15 Review
NBA 2k15 is a fun gaming experience with so much replayability. It’s a great game for you and your friends to pick up and kill some time playing despite not revolutionising sports games like we were told it would. The multiplayer provides a fun gaming experience to play against both friends and strangers alike. This is no contender for game of the year, but it is a must have for any sports fan.
  • + Fast Paced Fun Gameplay
  • + In-Depth Career Mode
  • + Face Scanning
  • - Not Much Innovation

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