NBA 2K16 | Review
The Good
  • + Fast and adrenaline-filled gameplay
  • + Amazing career mode with story directed by Spike Lee
  • + Stunning visuals
The Bad
  • - Can’t play as the Space Jam team

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Start Replay: “Nothing But Net”

Last year’s NBA offering was a great game, perhaps one of the best sports game out there, and now 2K16 has simply blown it straight out of the water. Thinking of new ways to improve the NBA series must have been more difficult than shooting a 3 pointer with 1 second of the game left, but 2K has managed to do just that with the new and improved career mode.

NBA 2K16_20151005115202

Swiftly after moulding your masterpiece via an extensive character creator, you’re entered into an emotionally charged storyline with well-acted cutscenes and entertaining scripts, which chronicles the first year of your player’s career (Named Frequency Vibrations or Freq).

The story is brilliantly directed by movie director Spike Lee and contains many emotionally-packed scenes, which detail the day-to-day life of an NBA player. Then after concluding you are given the chance to continue your player’s career after his first rookie season; continually improving your skills, gaining new endorsements and making friends with some of the NBA’s biggest stars.

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Gameplay is as fluid as ever and provides players with either a quick and enjoyable pick up and play experience, or a long and challenging one depending on how long they wish a game to go on for.

NBA has always been one of the most pleasing sports games to watch and play and this is due to its versatility, pace and style of the gameplay. For most games the two opponents are usually neck and neck and both the momentum and score can change in a heartbeat. This means that NBA requires you to be on your toes for the entire game and that’s what makes it so brilliant; you are constantly engaged with what is going on.

NBA 2K16_20151005114508

Unsurprisingly the matches do tend to feature some degree of advertising for their sponsors. This often arrives come at half time or during replays of shots or dunks. Some might complain, but the way I see it is that it adds to the feel of the game. It makes it feel like you’re actually sat down watching a live NBA game on TV.

Anyway, if these minor advertisements help 2K to make such brilliant games then who really cares? In no way does it inconvenience you and I believe some will agree that it enhances the experience.

Visually this game stands head and shoulders above other sports games. Basketball fan will easily be able to recognise most of the players due to the high amount of detail that has gone into designing them. Not only was detail put into the players but also the fans at ringside who, if you run into them, actually react and the player at fault will be designated to acting out a small animation, apologising to the fan and before getting back onto the court. It’s small details like this that add to the brilliance of NBA 2K16.

NBA 2K16_20151005124737

Some other noteworthy features include its biggest soundtrack to date, featuring 50 tracks with exclusive cuts from DJ Khaled, DJ Mustard and DJ Premier. Euroleague basketball makes a return from 2K15 with 25 of Europe’s best teams featuring Real Madrid and FC Bayern Munich.



Overall NBA 2K16 is certainly the best NBA game yet and most likely the best sports game of the year. It’s a testament to 2K’s fine form this year, especially when you consider their other well-produced titles such as WWE 2K16. Improving next year’s entry ain’t going to be easy.



*NBA 2K16 was provided to Start Replay on PS4 by 2K

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