We currently live in an entertainment world filled with video games based on war, shooting and exploding their way into the general publics’ view. But when a game such as Octodad bumbles into the space, you have to admire its lack of anything serious, instead going all-out in the opposite direction and presenting an Octopus disguised as your average human father.

The game made its debut on PC, Mac and Linux at the end of January and received mixed opinions, mostly of which surrounded the controls. This game doesn’t play well, and neither should it have to, because it’s the humour and situations you find yourself in that make Octodad: Dadliest Catch something else entirely; simple, harmless and fun.

I’ve said this before, but the title made quite an impression on me when I first played it at Gamescom 2013. Throughout my playthrough of the wedding sequence in the game, I stretched and fumbled all over the place, creating a huge mess in the process. It was the funniest experience I had ever encountered within my time of gaming thus far, and the fact it was developed by a small, yet talented team, made me realise how much fresh action Indie developers could make. I had never experienced the life of an undercover Octopus, but I was eager to get my suckers stuck in once more.

Having experienced everything Octodad has to offer I’m happy to report it doesn’t disappoint, however, the results will vary depending on whether you start with an open mind. I believe the game is best played with friends, especially given the humour it provides, but going through solo is equally as fun. I never knew how challenging filling in the life of an Octodad would be; mowing lawns, picking weeds and making coffee required far more energy than it would for your typical father. If being set a variety of similar tasks wasn’t enough, there are ties littered around each level collect, as well as a pressing threat looming in the background. You are, after all, an undercover Octopus, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to know you have a few enemies. Whether that’s the local marine biologist at the aquarium or a chef on the rampage for some nonsensical revenge.

When it comes to controlling the slippery mollusc, you have the ability to manoeuvre his legs or arms separately, with his eight tentacles coupled into four pairs. Getting around and completing tasks is by no means easy, and often at times I would rage quit due to Octodad’s incompetent behaviour. Of course I joke, but it’s unfair when my tentacles can’t remain in precise control whilst I slide around a shipping boat in the midst of choppy waters.

If it’s length you’re after, Octodad provides slim pickings and packs only a couple of hours worth of storyline to delve into. If you do take the challenge to find all the hidden ties, though, then I’m sure you can expect a lengthier endeavour. Have a handful of friends to join in on the fun, then you’ll be glad to know that four-player co-op is available, and no, this multiplayer isn’t about team death match.

If you feel brave, up to four people will have the chance to control one of the four sets of limbs available. Just imagine how much cooperation that requires. Did I forget to mention that the PS4 version also supports Move motion control? Just be happy that its ability to let multiple people control Octodad at the same time isn’t available online, but the anarchist inside of me would love to see the gameplay footage involved.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch Review
If I were to review Octodad: Dadliest Catch in the traditional fashion then I’d probably give it an extremely low score. Heck, I’d be hard-pushed to even score it. But this isn’t a traditional game and therefore I look at it with an open mind. If you have a good sense of humour and fancy a challenge, Octodad will satisfy all your needs, even if it does so in a short and bumbling manner.
  • + What can I say, I LOVE being an Octodad
  • + Absurd situations make it all the better
  • + Co-op
  • - There’s only so much you can take in one sitting
  • - Controlling Octodad can p*** you off
70%"Good Fun"

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