Payday 2: Crimewave Edition | Review
The Good
  • + Vast amount of customisation
  • + Pulling-off a successful heist is rewarding
The Bad
  • - Hard to accomplish perfection without a mic’d up team
  • - Graphics are lacklustre for current consoles
  • - Offline coop buddies are useless
75%"Good fun"

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*Payday 2 was provided to Start Replay on PlayStation 4 by 505 Games and Xbox One by Xbox

“Heist Simulator”

Be honest, when you were a boy (or girl), did you ever pretend to play cops n’ robbers? Crashing through the doors of your house and being chased by your friends, whilst you aimlessly travelled towards a certain marker or safe zone? As a kid it’s harmless fun, but in Payday you’re presented with high security, guns and a high risk of death. It’s not my childhood, it’s even better!

Despite the release of two Payday titles, Payday 2’s ‘Crimewave’ edition is my first introduction to the series. I can’t say much on how this game compares to its initial release, though all DLC released for the second game is included in this revamp, as you’d expect. Aside from that, there doesn’t seem to be any major changes. The graphics don’t do the PS4 or Xbox One justice, given the power they’re able to push out, and I would’ve expected a hefty upgrade to warrant loyal followers to join the Next-Gen party.


As with any team-centric game Payday 2 is best played online, but for those without an internet connection you can still conduct heists with computer-controlled companions. I experienced a mix between the two, and can safely say my artificial intelligent buddies were hardly helpful. Sure, I might be casing out a joint (checking out a premise for intel), but when it came to being organised and strategic I had hardly any control over their actions. The best way you’re going to pull off a successful job is when you’ve got a mic’d up set of friends, as well as a half-intelligent plan before going in.

Chock full of different jobs including rigging elections or drug trafficking (not just typical bank heists), there’s a ton of customisation to your character and plenty of options for completing a task. If you’d prefer to go in with stealth then you can, switch it around to take off your muzzle and prepare to have company quick, and not the good kind!

Act out of the ordinary and you’ll spook civilians or staff, meaning they’ll call the police and you’ll have some heavy resistance. At times I’d become a little frustrated by the fragile nature of raising the alarm. I’d only need to be standing in an odd place or walk into someone before they questioned my intentions and pulled a gun. Then again, it was hit and miss, and for the most part my fault.


How you choose to complete a level will have a large effect on the XP you gain. It shouldn’t be surprising that you’ll acquire more money and rank up faster without killing civilians and remaining in the dark. Sometimes, however, that simply wasn’t an option for me. Occasionally I’d become irritated and my gun would accidentally shoot an innocent passer by, but in my defence there were a lot of police and they were ambling near a heist, ok?!

Upgrading plays a major part, and is essential in order to proceed more efficiently through different jobs. It’s also worth noting that each time you try and complete a certain heist, numerous things will change each time, such as the location of security cameras or guards.

Regardless of some slight frustration when things didn’t go my way, I did have pockets of fun throughout my time with Pay Day 2. Provided things went off without a hitch, my wallet became fatter and hardly anyone got hurt. I say ‘hardly’ anyone, because I’m pretty sure whoever’s money I stole or election I rigged, probably wasn’t very happy. It’s alway best to online, except for the fact that you need a cooperative team. If you always end up playing against strangers it’s going to be a tough one, but it can also be quite funny.

Graphical Comparison | PS4 vs Xbox One



If you’ve ever wanted to plan a heist then now is your best shot, via a dedicated heist simulator! It’s good fun and can even turn into being great, but that will depend on your crew and how much time you invest.

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