‘PlayLink’ Frantics | Review
Are you looking for a PlayLink game that offers more than a quiz or subtle interaction? Frantics will ensure that every player is engaged and kept on the edge of their seat through its fun collection of mini-games!

What is it?

Another family-friendly addition to the PlayStation PlayLink series, Frantics offers a more hands-on gameplay experience and features 14 wacky mini-games to compete in. Fling your DualShock 4 controller to the wayside and use your smart device to shake, flick, tilt and swipe your way to victory!

Is it any good?

Unlike That’s You or Knowledge is Power, Frantics is the first title to present a sizeable amount of tangible gameplay. It gets creative and allows users to control a multitude of in-game actions via the use of their smart device. This includes moving your character by swiping and tilting their phone, tablet (or anything considered ‘smart’) across several short mini-games. I’m glad that this game gets players involved in a more engaging manner, instead of pointing and tapping answers in a relatively low-key quiz – something that is fun, but ultimately those types of games leave little meat on their bones.

In Frantics you can sink your teeth into a wide variety of zany activities. These include sky diving and seeing who can open their parachute last before hitting the ground, as well as typical races to a designated finish line, or being the last player standing on a crumbling podium. Each mini-game can be played with up to 4 players and participants can choose to either get taken on the journey of a traditional game show hosted by a charismatic fox, play a specific game of their choice or set up custom matches.

The entire game is styled in the same plasticine format as Wallace and Gromit and as such it is adorable to look at. The gameplay is very easy to get a grip of and there are even fun twists including secret missions, traps and auctions that add to the experience.

Anything bad to report?

Whilst 14 mini-games is quite a lot, it would have been ace to have more content crammed into this party pack.

Should you buy it?

Frantics is a great party game to play with your friends and the only PlayLink title, thus far, to include thoroughly engaging gameplay. So if you’re looking for your next party game fix, hope on board and enjoy the frantic fun. It’s also good value at its current price of £15.99 (at the time of writing).

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