'PlayLink' Hidden Agenda | Review
Supermassive Games has crafted an intense choice-driven story that anyone can jump into. Its fun to play by yourself and great to play in a group of three people or more, as you each have input into which way the story goes. However, its competitive multiplayer simply doesn’t work and feels like a missed opportunity.

What is it?

Hidden Agenda is a choice-driven crime thriller game that focuses on tough decision making, as you hunt down a serial killer known as the ‘Trapper’ who booby-traps his victims in order to kill first responders

This title joins the steadily growing list of PlayLink games on the PlayStation 4, allowing up to six players to join in via the use of a mobile device and without the need for a joypad. Simply use your finger on your screen to move the in-game cursor.

Is it any good?

I love the PlayLink games, because anyone with an Android or iOS device can participate. The storyline in Hidden Agenda is intense and being part of the decision making is quite a bit of fun. Even though there is virtually zero control over your character, in Hidden Agenda you are given more to decide than just dialogue responses. At certain points you’ll also have to uncover evidence and disarm traps. Everything is controlled by dragging your cursor over the highlighted items through the use of your mobile. If you’re worried that you might not have enough people to play this game with then don’t fret, as you can platy the entire game by yourself, like I did.

Anything bad to report?

In competitive mode players are given ‘hidden agendas’ and these will set a certain person the task of pushing the storyline in a particular direction. Before the chosen player attempts to achieve their agenda everyone else on the team must first decide who that person is. At that point there is no evidence to suggest who might have the hidden agenda and the fact that people must decide who it is before the hidden agenda has been attempted, makes it feel like a premature move. It doesn’t help that the person with the agenda can use a ‘takeover’ card to strip control from everyone else. Overall, competitive mode just doesn’t work.

I also think the complete lack of controller support somewhat limits its audience, even if it is first and foremost a PlayLink game.

Should you buy it?

Despite its competitive multiplayer mode feeling redundant Hidden Agenda still packs an intense single-player campaign. So I’d recommend picking this up if you’re looking for a solo experience or even something to roll through with your friends on a non-competitive basis.  

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