'PlayLink' Knowledge is Power | Review
Looking for a fun, family-friendly quiz game that also makes a great addition to the PlayLink family? Knowledge is Power deserves to be in your library.

What is it?

Compete against your friends and test your knowledge in an old school quiz game built for PlayStation’s PlayLink. Do you have the brain power to come out on top? Well, you better be quick on your feet.

Is it any good?

Knowledge is Power is my favourite PlayLink title since ‘That’s You’. Aside from the fact that it tasks you with taking a selfie for your in-game profile picture (something I love doing), playing a quiz game with family and friends is always a safe bet to inject fun into an otherwise bland evening.

The game can be played between two to six players and a standard round takes place across twelve rounds of questions – there are also mini games mixed in as well. I initially found the questions to be quite tricky, but because its quiz catalogue focuses on general knowledge there’s actually quite a bit of variation, which is nice. I also love its adorable art design.

Before a round begins each player must select their favourite category; this is represented on-screen by a small selection of doors. Once a category has been decided, it’s time to choose how to make answering questions harder for other players by picking a hazard. These are known as ‘Power Plays’ and include: Gloop that must be wiped away and covers any potential answers, Nibblers that take letters away, Freeze that forces you to tap and crack an ice block before an answer can be selected, and Bombles that will slow down your ability to pick if you hit them.

During the final round all players have to scale a ‘the steps of destiny’ in a rapid fire section.

Anything bad to report?

Not really, but it would be nice to have a ‘lower difficulty’ setting for kids.

Should you buy it?

Are you looking for another great PlayLink addition that’s fab to play with friends and family? Knowledge is Power is a great value, fun multiplayer game.

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