Project Cars 2 | Review
Project Cars 2 may be a brilliant racing game, but it won’t sit well with everyone. Its authentic driving controls will make it hard for newcomers to settle in, but racing fans with a genuine interest in building up their skill level will find a lot to love here.
75%"Good Fun"

What is it?

The anticipated follow-up to the original ‘Project Cars’. This sequel aims to refine the overall experience, adding a load more tracks, cars and racing modes.

Is it any good?

I’m all for an authentic racing game, but I’d also appreciate the accessibility to play and enjoy the game as a casual newcomer. Sadly, Project Cars 2 doesn’t have an easier mode, however players can adjust its broad range of gameplay settings by turning on traction control etc. to make the journey a touch easier to handle. That said, as an amateur car fan I did enjoy how many cars were available to choose from, not to mention the large list of tracks available as well. It looks beautiful, too.

Anything bad to report?

There’s no doubt that the lack of instant accessibility will put a lot of people off. I also prefer it when racing games pack in a realistic damage system, similar to Burnout, but sadly Project Cars 2 features no damage whatsoever. It’s a bit silly when you hit an opponent and bounce around like a piece of rubber. Then again, it makes sense that the car manufacturers wouldn’t want to see their beautiful cars wrecked beyond belief. I also found the controls through a joypad to be incredibly tricky to use at first and I’d imagine it would be a lot easier via a steering wheel and set of peddles.

Should you buy it?

Ultimately, it depends on what racing experience you’re looking for…

Much like the first game, Project Cars 2 doesn’t present an arcade gameplay experiences that’s easy to hop into. Its racing mechanics have been designed to present an authentic and, sometimes, steep learning curve. Let’s put it this way: if you’re looking for a experience closer to the Forza series or perhaps Need for Speed, then I’d say steer clear, but if you’re into the likes of Gran Turismo or the first Project Cars title, I’d recommend jumping right in!

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