Pure Farming 2018 | Review
I like the idea of a farming simulator, but personally I'd prefer to play one that strips away any of the tedious parts of the job. Agricultural enthusiasts may have a blast digging into the details, but gamers with little time on their hands may struggle to keep up the pace.
70%"Good Fun"

What is it?

Try your hand at every aspect of farming in this realistic simulator that tasks you with growing your agricultural empire across four regions: Colombia, Italy, Japan and Montana, USA.

If you’re looking to get a taste of every aspect farming has to offer, Pure Farming is a good start: look after your equipment in the garage, take care of livestock and prep your greenhouses, farms and orchards.

Is it any good?

Simulators are aimed at a very specific audience and you often have to be really into the activity its representing. In Pure Farming 2018, the realism of farming (much like in the Farming Simulator series) is placed at the forefront of gameplay. You need to be prepared to invest a lot of energy into learning the basics, as well as taking the time to travel across its vast map without fast travel. Don’t get me wrong, diving into every detail of farming is good fun, but for me the tedious travel between objectives is a huge turn off. I was impressed, however, with Pure Farming’s loose story campaign that sees your character inherit their own farm and its tutorials were, overall, very easy to understand. It can just get a bit much with the amount of information it presents you.

In my opinion, that’s what makes simulators so divisive. Whilst I enjoyed partaking in the everyday activities of your average farmer, I didn’t enjoy the dull focus on slower paced gameplay that reflected the day-to-day management at an almost overwhelming level. I wish Pure Farming offered a separate mode that let novice players dot around and play without constriction. As it stands, there are three gameplay modes to choose from: Free Farming, My First Farm and Farming Challenges. The foremost mode is available for veteran players to jump into, whilst My First Farm holds your hand and guides you through each aspect of farming with a mission-based structure.

As you’d expect, Pure Farming isn’t going to win any awards when it comes to graphics. It doesn’t go above and beyond to present the best in-game physics nor does it look visually stunning – its looks are purely functional and that’s okay for a simulator. In summary, I can clearly see the appeal of a farming simulator and the tranquility its gameplay can bring, however, I wish that it was designed in a more accessible manner. Giving the players the flexibility to fast travel would be a great start.

Anything bad to report?

I’m not an avid fan of farming simulators, so I can’t specifically point out what might be ‘wrong’ about Pure Farming’s representation of farming, but as already mentioned I don’t like the needless travel you’re forced to make around the map and a fast-travel option would’ve been a great way to curb that. Also for some bizarre reason you can’t play as a woman.

Should you buy it?

Pure Farming 2018’s story campaign and focus on global farming is something its competitor, Farming Simulator, doesn’t offer, so I think those looking for something different will enjoy this.

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