Resident Evil Revelations 2 | The Full Review
The Good
  • + Survival horror makes a resurgence
  • + Solid gameplay with a focus on puzzles
  • + Raid mode is a pleasant diversion
The Bad
  • - Lacklustre upgrade system
  • - Sometimes too many characters to care about
75%"Good Fun"

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Since the gradual release of Resident Evil Revelations 2, I’ve felt the need to hold off on a definitive score, until now. With the game having essentially wrapped up everything it needs to, I’ve finally sat down, and as you can see above, given my final verdict.

Taking a seat back and soaking in every episode as one story, it’s clear that Capcom have treated this as the ultimate testing ground to figure out the future tone of the series. I hope more than anything that they continue on the path of more horror than action, and in the campaign there was a dry cut between the two styles: Claire’s segments tended to present a focus on horror and Barry, in typical macho form, tended to cope better with an elaborate arsenal at his disposal.

The fact that the entire game is based on one island and didn’t have you globe-trotting across various areas, made it feel more concentrated and closer to the original titles. However, there’s no denying that the production value doesn’t quite match that of the numbered titles. Perhaps it was the more linear segments and the fact that each episode was split into two, but I felt the need for a little more character in my surroundings and more to participate in.

Having said that, the tighter and more narrowed approach did help with the story, and there was always a sense of mystery that kept me moving forward. With the return of Claire Redfield and Barry Burton, their legendary status peaked my interest as to what was going on. The ability to have control over two characters at a time was interesting, but wasn’t always fun. Even though it’s been a common feature ever since the fifth title, I feel like I might care more about certain events and situations if I had a more solitary experience. I’d expect the atmosphere to be drastically altered, too, if I wasn’t always accompanied by another player. Despite the larger amount of playable characters, I did appreciate the larger mix of monsters and the return of slower, more classic zombies.

My biggest gripe would have to be the availability of ammunition, and the level of customisation available. Compared to the additional Raid mode wherein I could spend coins to buy more weapons and upgrade them, in the campaign I had fewer options. The absence of ammo for my weapons wouldn’t have been as bad if my upgrades were more plentiful and I was able to customise weapons more regularly to improve their power. Instead I had to scour my dull surroundings to find small upgrade kits, which I didn’t enjoy as much. The addition of the aforementioned Raid mode was a pleasant experience, and helped me train my skills with different characters and weapons.

Overall I’m impressed with the way in which Capcom has moved forward with the series, though I miss the glitz and glamour of the major titles. Even though we’ve yet to find out which approach Resident Evil 7 will take, the addition of more puzzles and less action certainly went down better in my books.


If you’re a fan of horror and are looking for some solid gameplay in bite-sized chunks, Revelations 2 will probably satisfy you. Alongside the ability to buy each episode as you progress, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t at least try it. In the meantime I’ll be crossing my fingers that the seventh title presents a more solitary experience, and leaves me with one person to care about, not others to babysit.

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