It’s ironic. Though the Playstation 4’s launch has seen the likes of a new Killzone and countless other blockbuster titles, it’s with PSN exclusive title Resogun where it really excels, and the best part? It’s free to Playstation Plus subscribers. Bonus.

If you’ve played Super Star Dust HD on the Playstation 3, then you’ll recognise a few similarities here. As seen before with Stardust, Resogun is a twin-stick shooter, but instead of giving you a sphere to navigate, you’re now set in a three hundred and sixty degree arena. Again, similar to before, you’re main objective is to stave off the countless waves of enemies. This time made up entirely of alien ships, barring asteroids, as seen before. But amongst the pumped up mayhem, you must remember to keep an eye out for those tiny green beings locked in glowing cubes. They’re your other main objective and require what little attention you have left amidst the exploding, blocky mayhem around you.

Talking of blocky mayhem, this game looks beautiful and brings the next-generation in with a bang, literally. As you’re bullets and projectiles hit each alien aircraft, they burst into blocks, littering the stage around you. In total there are five different locals, all of which keep the same three sixty-degree’s of navigation. At the end of each level you’re then greeted by a boss, most of which can be defeated by honing in on their shiny weak points, no less. But you’re not alone, or at least you don’t have to be,  as online co-op is available from the start, meaning you can join up with a friend to help take down the relentless hoards that confront you.

Lining your arsenal are three different ships: Nemesis, Ferox and Phobos. The first, Nemesis, has a great amount of range and is very nimble. The second, Ferox, is a good all rounder, with a healthy amount of attributes on each skill. The last, Phobos, is great in close quarters and has a powerful overdrive (beam of obliterating energy once initialized), but things can get tricky at long distance. I highly recommend taking time with each ship, trying to figure out which strengths aid yours the best. Joining the power of your ships, you also obtain the power of bombs and also the ability to boost.

Most of my playtime consisted of co-op and I had a great amount of fun coordinating with my teammate, erasing each wave of enemies. Though I did find some frustration seeing each green human I’d strive to protect get killed through the chaos. Granted, this was solely down to my lack of skill, but that’s the fun part of Resogun, it’s the replay value it holds where the fun lies, encouraging to hone your skills.

Resogun Review
I can’t express how thankful I am that Resogun managed to make the Playstation 4’s launch and its developer, House Marque, have continued by showing their limitless skills as a developer. Each part has a polished quality from its music to its gameplay. Having said that, I can’t help but take the typical greedy stance of the average gamer, wanting more of the same in the very near future. But the great part is that I imagine DLC is already in production. Also, hopefully alongside online co-op, I’d find it neat if a split screen mode could be added. But I’ll let the games’ quality speak for itself.
  • + Beautiful gameplay, accompanied by upbeat music
  • + A perfect showcase of the PS4’s graphics
  • + Co-op is great during countless replays
  • - A wider array of levels and the ability to upgrade ships would be welcome

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