Scribblenauts Showdown | Review
Showdown is a fun party game that’s accessible to anyone, whether they’re a gamer or not. Just don’t go expecting tons of content.
70%"Good Fun"

What is it?

Scribblenauts Showdown features a collection of 27 mini-games and is best described as a party game to play with your friends. The series is known for its creativity, allowing you to enter words and spawn objects (from a database of thousands of items) to help you during gameplay.

Is it any good?

As far as party games go, Scribblenauts Showdown offers a light-hearted bundle of mini-games that are fun to play in a group for 15-20 minutes at a time. Most of the games get two players to face off in a race to see who can complete a particular challenge first, these include: reaching the end of a level, catching the most fireflies in jar, or simply chopping down a tree by mashing buttons quicker than your opponent. Some games can also be won if either player loses all of their lives before the round finishes. Every mini game – of the 27 included – is easily controlled and accessible to non-gamers.

In total there are three modes to choose from: Versus, Showdown and Sandbox. The foremost pits two players against one another across a set of short challenges. Players get to choose between three settings: whether they’d like to play mini-games that feature word inputs to spawn objects, play faster rounds without word entries, or play a mixture of both. Showdown is the only mode that can be played with up to four players and plays in a similar way to a board game. At the beginning of the round every player is given a selection of cards and each one will help them advance further around the map. For example, one card could allow you to move three spaces, but only if you win the mini game the card it’s attached to, whereas another could send a player back by a number of spaces and therefore give you the advantage. Lastly, Sandbox sets a variety of tasks for the player to complete in an open-ended level. With a variety of challenges at hand, it’s up to you to summon the correct items to complete each task (you’re give a list of hints to help you).

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing this with my friends, but after 20 minutes it can all get a bit repetitive.

Anything bad to report?

For its current price of £28 (at the time of writing) it’s a little bit too steep for the small amount of content available – think £15 would be more suitable. It would also have been nice to have mini-games that can take up to four players, instead of two at a time.

Should you buy it?

If you’re looking for a fun party game to play with your friends then this is a good title to pick, just don’t go expecting shed loads of stuff to keep you going.

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