The Sims 4 | Review
Sims 4 has arrived on console and I couldn’t be happier. Prepare to play the role of god as you rule over the lives of your chosen subjects and sculpt their future, for better or worse.

What is it?

After launching on PC in 2014, Sims 4 has finally landed on console. Dive into a world where you can live out your wildest dreams, as you aim create your perfect character, build your own house and work towards whatever goal you set yourself.

The ultimate life simulation that, in effect, lets you play the role of god.

Is it any good?

I’ve always loved playing The Sims, spending hours toiling away in character customisation and building the perfect house for my fictional family to live in is a lot of fun. It’s been eight years since the last numbered sequel hit console (because they’ve always hit PC first), so I’m incredibly happy to play a fully-fledged Sims game on my platform of choice . It’s not a silly spin-off that focuses on only a handful of specific features or play styles, this is the same game that launched on PC in 2014, only this time it’s packing all of the extra updates and patches – including the introduction of swimming pools and the toddler age group.

As you’d imagine, its character creation and house building tools are also extremely detailed. There’s something really addictive about exploring the plethora of customisation options available, it’s almost a little overwhelming to begin with. Thankfully, there are a ton of handy tutorials to get stuck into. In short: if you want to pour hours of your life into one of the most wacky life simulators around, Sims 4 is both accessible to newcomers and in-depth for returning fans.

Anything bad to report?

As usual, porting a PC game onto console brings one major challenge: adapting the controls. Using a mouse and keyboard on The Sims is far easier than a controller, even after years of iteration, and sadly I don’t see that changing any time soon. Moving the in-game cursor around with the analogue stick feels a little sluggish and, overall, using a joypad results in clunky controls.

Should you buy it?

If you’re already a big fan of The Sims, you’ll probably find this latest title one of the best entries to date, especially on console. If, like me, you haven’t dipped into the series for a long time, I highly recommend jumping back in to the franchise with this latest attempt, because there’re so many more gameplay possibilities when compared to earlier titles

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