Upon diving into Skydive: Proximity Flight, I had a fair idea of what to expect. Though, however much I told myself it would be an easy job to hurtle down the side of a cliff and glide through objects, in reality it was a little less so. For those of you whom have played Superman 64, I’ll go straight ahead by saying that though this game has the same principles, it’s certainly a lot more fun.

The main aim of this game is to keep your momentum up and make it through a set amount of rings. Whilst you keep juggling your combo for a speed boost of adrenaline, however, make sure you keep performing dare devil tricks such as a barrel rolls. Oh, you’re gliding towards the ground? I told you about keeping up the speed dammit! Yes, I had some frustrating moments in Proximity Flight, but the root cause of most of them came down to my own faults. My speed was down and soon I was too. You’re also able to control your character via motion control from PS Move and Dual Shock 3, but I found traditional controls to work best.

As soon as you enter the main menu you’re greeted by a handful of options: Challenges, adrenaline races and a free style mode. Once you decide which mode to start with first (I chose the challenges), you are thrust upon a cliff edge and told to get to work. But before you get to the good old jumping, you’d better make sure you take a look over your character roster, as each of their unique talents may make all the difference. Now, I say ‘unique’, but they actually only boil down to three things. First there’s the speed you can reach, then there’s you’re weight (sorry, no fat people allowed) and lastly there’s your manoeuvrability rating. There’s also the look of each character, including the likes of Dracula, though I doubt you’ll pay much attention once you push yourself off the side of a mountain.

I was surprised at the lack of speed at first, but I quickly picked up the pace. Once you initiate your adrenaline bar it depletes quickly, but if you perform tricks and glide close to a surface, it’ll refill rapidly and allow you to cover more distance. Another thing you have to look out for is the height at which you’re gliding, as if your next set of rings to pass through is on the other side of a flat stretch of land, if you have little-to-no boost, expect to make love to the rocks below. Alongside the adrenaline races and countless challenges (including performing a number of tricks in quick succession) you can also set some for your friends in order to see if they’re king of the sky. Sure, the characters might not have much between them and the graphics may often be quite plain, but when you’re hurtling close to the edge of a cliff side at high speed, does it really matter?

Skydive: Proximity Flight Review
As a package, Skydive: Proximity Flight is a neat experience as well as a good bit of fun. If not for trophy lovers alone, where you’ll earn at least ten in the first two levels, it’s the same addictive quality for perfection that’ll have you coming back for more. This is especially true for those who want to earn three stars in each event for the ultimate challenge. But after you’ve filled your need for air and the gaps in your time, you’ll probably move on shortly afterwards.
  • + Addictive Skydive action
  • + Adrenaline breathes life into your dives!
  • - A roster of ‘samey’ characters
  • - A bit too easy at times
70%"Good Fun"

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