Sonic Forces | Review
Sonic Forces isn’t the worst entry in the series, but it definitely isn’t the best either. Its levels offer some fast-paced fun and you can create your own character, but its level design feels a little clunky and it’s all over too quickly.

What is it?

Sonic Forces is another attempt from SEGA to create a brilliant 3D Sonic adventure that matches the hedgehog’s retro beginnings.

Is it any good?

Bursting around Sonic Force’s glitzy levels and hearing the familiar chime of golden rings is pretty near. In total there are three play styles: one that focuses on modern day Sonic with fully-fledged 3D levels, another that plays in a 2D fashion with classic Sonic and, lastly, stages that are built for your own customisable hero who will sometimes pair up with the main man himself. Control is placed across all three of these different perspectives throughout the game’s story mode. Alongside the story-driven stages are a whole host of mission challenges to try and help beef out its content.

Anything bad to report?

Moving the blue blur from 2D to 3D has always been an issue. For one reason or another a three dimensional world has rarely landed universal critical acclaim and, sadly, Sonic Forces doesn’t buck the trend. Whilst this new Sonic game doesn’t fall prey to terrible technical issues, its awkward platforming and shallow amount of content fail to impress. It’s all over too quickly and overall it didn’t gel with me. The only 3D Sonic game that did is Sonic Adventure and I think the the chances of recapturing its success is long gone. Perhaps stick to Sonic Mania?

I also have a few issues with cutscenes being blocked from capturing any content and no option to take away subtitles.    

Should you buy it?

Even at its lower-than-usual entry price of £30ish I have a hard time promoting this to anyone other than die hard Sonic fans. It’s fun, but it’s over too quickly and offers a mishmash of ideas that don’t really come together at the end of the day.

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