Star Wars: Battlefront | Review
The Good
  • + Stunning graphics
  • + Fantastic recreation of Star Wars locations and characters
  • + Huge choice of multiplayer game modes
The Bad
  • - Lack of campaign is a tad disappointing

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Start Replay: “Pew Pew!”

Oh boy, do I love Star Wars! With the new film fast approaching there’s been nothing better than riding in the cockpit on an X-Wing, shooting down pesky Stormtroopers and living out my childhood fantasies. Compared to my team member Josh and his love for everything Batman, Star Wars is an equally big part of my life. I am, as you’d say, a fan boy.


The return of Battlefront is everything I could have wanted. Despite the lack of a traditional story campaign (insert sad face), its online multiplayer modes and offline aspects make this one of the best Star Wars games I’ve ever experienced. To begin with are training missions which I personally found super useful! Not only do they take you through the general combat, but an ample amount of time is spent with additional modes using heroes, villains and different vehicles. One training mission, for example, requires you to protect an AT-AT against A-wings, X-wings and Rebel ground troops. All of this is done within at AT-ST which is one of the vehicles you get access to in multiplayer. My favourite training mission showed me the ways of the Force through either Darth Vader or Emperor Palpatine.

Being taught how to deflect blaster shots, force choke enemies and throw my lightsaber was awesome and it was a perfect opportunity to see how powerful these characters would be online. After that I moved onto Battle and Survival modes with each of these being single player, co-op online or co-op split screen enabled. Battle requires you to kill the enemy and pick up their tags, first to 100 tags win. Survival, on the other hand, is pretty much as you’d expect as you have to survive increasingly challenging waves of enemies. For the perfectionist in all of us there are stars to collect in each single-player mission which will award a small amount of credits once acquired.


In order to get the stars you need to complete certain objectives whilst playing the mission; for training these generally required you to complete it under a specific time. But the stars for Battle and Survival are slightly more complex; completing the mission on the highest difficulty, finding all collectibles and beating the enemy team by a certain amount of points, to name but a few. I’ve played through all the training missions and given Battle and Survival a go too and they’re just as fun as the multiplayer. I had the chance of playing these modes via split-screen, alongside a colleague here at Start Replay, which ended up with both of us having a lot of fun.

Moving onto the multiplayer there are a whole host of game modes to play, with each one offering something different. Blast is your standard team deathmatch, Supremacy requires you to gain control of points scattered across the map whilst Fighter Squadron is all about aerial warfare. Of course I’m sure you’ve all seen the return of our beloved Heroes & Villains; playing as Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader is truly a delight. One of my fondest memories of Battlefront 2 was the game mode Heroes vs Villains. I can remember spending hours and hours fighting off all manner of Jedi, Sith and bounty hunters with my friends


The maximum number of players in a game mode is 40 whereas some game modes only consist of 8 players. I love the broad range of game modes available to you right from the off; if you want a huge battle then Supremacy (20v20) is the one for you, but if you like a smaller group then perhaps opt for Hero Hunt? This pits 1 hero against 7 enemies. Also coming out on December 8th is the free DLC “Battle of Jakku”. This takes place after the Rebel victory on the planet of Endor and lets players experience the events that created the landscape of Jakku, which we’ll see in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I’m absolutely in love with the multiplayer of Battlefront and I can’t wait to get stuck into the Battle of Jakku!

EA Games have also now let us customise our characters for both the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance. You can choose from a variety of different facial models and, later on in the game, get access to some damn cool characters such as the Shadow Trooper. As you level up in the game you earn credits which are used to purchase these new unlocks. They’re also used for purchasing new weapons and Star Cards. Star Cards offer extras and bonuses for use within your multiplayer games. Whilst customising your character you will also need to choose your “hand”; this consists of 3 cards in total and can vary in their use. Some cards will offer you different types of grenades or side-arms whilst other cards will give you bonuses such as taking decreased explosive damage or regenerating health faster. The amount of customisation is just enough to get your head around but not too much that you become confused and annoyed at the prospect.


This is most definitely the prettiest Star Wars game to date, in fact, I think it may be one of the prettiest games ever! Marching around the planet Hoth as Darth Vader, or even just a simple soldier, is splendid. The textures are beautifully polished and the character models look like the real thing! After spending only a few hours with this game I am seriously impressed. I also plan to invest a lot more of my time into levelling up my character and experiencing some of the late-game benefits.


I can safely say that Star Wars is back, and in full force! (pun intended). If you haven’t already, then go and get this glorious game and join me on the battlefront.



*Star Wars Battlefront was provided to Start Replay on PS4 by EA

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