Stikbold! - A Dodgeball Adventure | Review
The Good
  • + Wacky art style, bursting with character
  • + Easy to pick up and play
The Bad
  • - Not a lot of depth
60%"Time Killer"

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Start Replay: “Balls”

There is only so much I can say about Stikbold. It’s a game about dodgeball which tasks you with throwing balls and dodging balls, naturally.

There’s a small story campaign to work through, either solo or with a friend, but even then it’s pretty basic stuff. Its colourful and wacky characters are the star of the show, bringing a dash of comedic value to help elevate this title from the basic gameplay on offer. Story-wise it features two dodgeball amateurs, Björn and Jerome, aiming to become professionals. Professional ball handlers.


Stikbold is essentially a couch co-op game that is best played with friends in your spare time. Overall it feels better suited to mobile platforms more than console, given that its gameplay is best played in short bursts. Then again, it does serve as a good opportunity for up to 4 friends to have a quick laugh. It’s a bit of fun that doesn’t take itself seriously.


Controls are, again, pretty simple; pick up the ball, dodge the ball, and throw the ball. You also have the added benefit of being able to curve-throw the ball, which makes hitting targets behind cover a doddle. Level hubs are presented in the form of a ring, each of which present their own harassments and hazards to avoid: such as fiery blobs of lava or whales. Yes, I said whales. Playing free-for-all allows you to add computer controlled bots, as well as manipulate the rules and hazards/harassments present within each match.



Hitting people with balls is a good way to kill time, but you might be hard pushed to spend a long time doing so.

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