In the year 2299, an interstellar war rages on.

That’s the tagline for Born Ready Games’ tactical space shooter, Strike Suit Zero. Originally funded via Kickstarter back in 2012, Strike Suit marks the first time I’ve played a Kickstarted project and overall I’m quite impressed with the results.

Luckily for Born Ready, their dream for Strike Suit moved beyond the realms of PC and has finally made its way to PS4 and Xbox One with its Director’s Cut. Microsoft were kind enough to give us a code to review, so aside from not hearing much of the project, I was happy to delve into the unknown and try something different. My first impressions were that it was a fairly lame space-based, mech action game, but then I began to get a little more comfortable and started to enjoy myself more than I thought.

There are two modes: firstly the campaign, where you get taken through a series of thirteen missions, followed by Heroes Of The Fleet, placing you in simulated versions of historical events within the universe. Your first port of call in the campaign is to familiarise yourself with the controls (trust me, they take some time to get used to) alongside getting taught the rules of combat. After destroying a healthy amount of ‘space trash’ things slowly ramp up, tasking you to protect a convoy from a nearby enemy patrol, which moves you swiftly towards engaging in larger battles.

In total their are six types of space craft to choose from, each with their own class and special ability, whether that might be a bomber for attacking heavily defended targets or an interceptor for high manoeuvrability and speed to pursue enemy forces. Out of all the ships, however, it’s probably the strike suit that stands out as my favourite, least of all because it transforms into a flying mech capable of some hefty destruction. You’ll probably be glad to know that these craft aren’t one trick pony’s, as you can upgrade each aspect of their armour, shields, energy and overall performance.

When it comes to your surroundings I’d be lying if I said they were the best Xbox One has to offer, but with a colourful array of planets lining your horizons, it’s definitely nothing to turn your head at. Besides, for a Kickstarted project I’m just happy to see such a creative team hit their goals and make it onto major platforms, never mind the fact the studio are located close to the Start Replay team, it feels like a privilege having such talent close around the corner.

Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut Review
As someone who hasn’t been fortunate enough to become initiated into space warfare, Strike Suit makes an alluring bit-sized package. Whether you just want to further the chaos in the campaign or experience more of the story in via simulated events, there’s a fair amount to keep you busy.
  • + Space warfare!
  • + The Strike Suit makes you feel unstoppable
  • + Clean visuals with a variety of backdrops and locations
  • - The story is hardly noteworthy
  • - Gets repetitive after a while
70%"Good Fun"

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