With a handful of games making their way through ID@Xbox, it’s now time for Super Time Force to show what it can bring to the table.

At first glance, STF seems like just another side-scroller, making you shoot through anything in sight just to get to the end of a level. Pay attention, though, because its very much the opposite. Except for the part where you riddle everything with bullets, that’s still very much the same.

Someone has created time travel, and as expected it puts the world into chaos, but at least you aim to save the dinosaurs from extinction. Taking lead in the beginning as three characters in a squad named Super Time Force, you have the ability to freely switch between each character as you progress through each level.

With Jean Rambois you’ll have huge amounts of firepower, but put him in front of a stream of gunfire and he’ll be dead in no time. Next you have Aimy Mckillin, who’s bullets ricochet off of objects and can also shoot through walls or doors once charged. Lastly, you have Shieldy Blockerson, which as you’d expect, aims to provide cover throughout each mission. Across your journey you’ll get the opportunity to save certain people, whom will later become part of your squad, adding more firepower to your already deadly arsenal. The only thing is, you have a limited amount of time and lives. There’s no doubt that you die a lot over the course of the game, and that’s why you have ‘time-outs’ when you die, to allow you to rewind time and reassess the combat situation.

Once a time-out is initiated, you’re then able to switch characters and even spawn duplicates, allowing you to retry a different approach, whilst a hologram of your last attempt is played over. They still cause damage, but now they also serve as a distraction whilst you serve up some more justice in the background. Perhaps instead of using guns, you’ll opt to use shields to get by.

There were many times where I died and proceeded by spawning multiple versions of one character. By the end of each time-out they had destroyed whichever object stood in my way. The best part is that each character has his or her own unique playstyle, allowing you to be a little strategic when planning an attack. I found the gameplay to have quite a steep learning curve. There’s a tutorial available at the beginning, but it’s not long until you head into the deep end of the pool.

Super Time Force Review
With its old-school layout and retro vibe, Super Time Force is fun to pick up and play, but might get a little monotonous after long playthroughs. Be in the right mood and STF is highly enjoyable, even if it might frustrate you a lot of the time.
  • + Ridiculous story
  • + Traditional side-scrolling action, with a time travel twist
  • - Its gameplay can get frustrating, fast
  • - Steep learning curve
60%"Time Killer"

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