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Superhot is a smart and stylish first-person shooter. Its unique gameplay concept breathes fresh air into the FPS genre and proves there’s more than relentless run n’ gun action. If you’ve grown tired of shoot ‘em ups then I strongly suggest you give this a go.

The following article is a review of the standard Superhot game on PlayStation 4. I have updated my initial review of Superhot VR to include my impressions on the PSVR version.

It’s far too easy for new first-person shooters to be forgotten, especially if they are attempting to make a run n’ gun blockbuster in the same vein as Call of Duty. It’s an extremely competitive genre spearheaded by multi-million dollar franchises.

Superhot, however, is the black sheep of shooters and distances itself from everything else by presenting a truly unique concept: time only moves when you do. That means every single move propels the action forward: shooting a gun, throwing a bottle and aiming your weapon’s reticule all contribute to the movement of time. The levels offer a minimalistic white design and your hands (and weapons) are coloured a crystallised black. All enemies are red faceless figures and their only intention is to make sure their weapon reaches its destination: pretty much any part of your body.

Since time moves according to your actions you need to be strategic and take care when firing a gun or making a move. If the enemy has fired first then your concentration should be on avoiding the path of any oncoming bullet. It’s an experience that centres around trial and error, as you will likely repeat the same segments multiple times until a perfect routine is nailed down. At the end of a successful run there is a replay in normal speed to showcase all your awesome skills in one fluid motion, which is incredibly satisfying and almost hypnotic to watch. The game comes packed with content and offers a countless list of challenges to master. The time trials force you to re-evaluate your play style and I had a lot of fun attempting to beat the developer’s set times.

I’ve recently grown a little tired of first-person shooters that provide nothing more than relentless, explosive action. Superhot injects the FPS genre with a much-needed dose of creativity and I couldn’t be happier about it.

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