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Superhot VR’s stylish visuals and breathtaking tactical gameplay offer an unrivalled virtual reality experience. If you own either the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, then you owe it to yourself to have this game in your library.

Superhot is a stylish first-person shooter with one unique rule: time only moves when you do. That means every bullet and oncoming enemy is remain frozen until you make your move and therefore its gameplay is more about tactics, than all-out gun-totting action. It’s a concept that successfully revitalised the FPS genre when in launched in 2016 and now the game has been rebuilt from-the-ground-up, for a fresh and intuitive virtual reality experience.

Whilst I have yet to play the standard version of Superhot, after diving into the game’s HTC Vive VR counterpart I struggle to imagine playing any other way. Being thrust into Superhot’s stylized world and dodging bullets like Neo from ‘The Matrix’ is unlike anything else I’ve experienced in virtual reality. Every move I made had to be thoroughly thought through in order to avoid an unsuspected bullet to my face. Simply waving my arms would advance any incoming enemy fire, which mean’t I constantly needed to be alert of my surroundings.

There are a small selection of weapons to use that include shotguns and throwing stars, but ammo is in short supply. You may think that your shot is on-target to begin with, but as time unravels you’ll probably find that the enemy won’t be standing in the same place. Each shot has to be planned according to where you believe an enemy will be standing by the time your bullet exits slow motion. It requires a lot of practice to pull off perfectly but a successful shot will make you feel like a god.

Without placing you in the headset and experiencing the game for yourself, it’s hard for me to describe just how special Superhot VR really is. It truly is an amazing experience and if I had to criticise one thing, it would be its relatively short 2 hour campaign. Beyond that there are time trials to flex your skills in and other modes including a playthrough which ends if you die.


PSVR vs HTC Vive – The Differences

Superhot VR on PSVR is just as good as it is on the HTC Vive, it looks near identical and packs the same exact content. Even the tracking through the PlayStation camera does a good job of matching up to the HTC Vive’s accurate lighthouse system. This is helped by the fact that every scenario in Superhot VR is built around the player remaining in a forward-facing position. You’re not forced to turn around and potentially block the line of sight between your PlayStation Move controllers and the PlayStation camera (an issue I’ve encountered before when playing other VR games).

There were one or two occasions during which I couldn’t extend my arms as far as I could with the Vive (in order to catch an object, for example), but overall the PSVR port has made a seamless transition to console, plus it comes complete with a platinum trophy for anyone looking to attain 100% completion.



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