For the last few weeks I’ve been replaying one of my favourite Steam games, Terraria.

Now let me tell you a little bit about this game. In the world of Terraria you can be a fighter, a mage, a gatherer, a survivor, a murderer, a trader, a builder a… you get the picture. It’s a land ready to be explored, but don’t let its quaint charm fool you. It’s full of monsters, some gruesome, others that are pretty from afar – but up close you’ll be impaled by that nice unicorn.

Welcome to the world!

Terraria is a game with tremendous replay value due to the way the world works. You can go searching for hours looking for a decent weapon on one world and then stumble into a cavern with a chest, holding that one sword you’ve been after for what seems like an eternity. Items, ore and environment, spawn randomly at the first world activation, with the exception of Cobolt, Mythril and Adamantite. The world has a basic spawning system. You appear dead centre accompanied by your guide, a dungeon either to your far left or far right, floating islands above your head, hell below. With a mash of biomes all around, these include a jungle, forest, ocean and desert biomes. Now this game has a very repetitive sound track that I’ve heard fellow players state they often get annoyed by, but I love its sound tracks! Each biome has its own jingle and I’ll find myself jumping around in one biome purely just to listen to the music play away.

You will die, a lot.

If you’re prone to rage quitting then this game may be too much for you. When you make a character, among all the customisable options is the difficulty for that character, be it “Softcore, Mediumcore or Hardcore”.

“Softcore”. When you die, you drop half your coins and respawn at your bed/default spawn area, not so bad, just go back and get your coins, right? Nope. Because you just saw that ore you really needed after hours of searching and can’t remember how you got there. RAGEQUIT.

“Mediumcore”. On death you drop all your items, money and ammo, that’s fine, but you were fighting a boss at your home location and you spawned a few feet away – but you only have 100 HP. Bang you’re dead, you’re dead, you’re dead here comes morning, you grab your belongings and the horrid cycle starts again. No doubt after a while here comes another. RAGEQUIT.

“Hardcore”. On death, you die. Drop everything. No respawn. No nothing. You’re a ghost unable to interact with anything. Floating around until you leave the world, upon leaving that character is then deleted. Unless an expert, it’s doubtful you’d have gathered anything of actual value but still, getting so far then dying can be a real pain, especially after doing this over and over no doubt you’ll either surrender and go for a lower tier difficulty or just. RAGEQUIT.

Getting wood…

Now you’ve got a character, you’ve made/joined into a world, you’re ready to get started. But what else? Time to start chopping those trees. That “tok tok tok tok” of a bronze axe on wood is magical, your first time destroying nature for your own benefit. It won’t be the last time. So you have a wooden hut or a dirt mound, bravo. No doubt Barry the guide (Or whatever he is called) has decided to not move in yet, don’t worry, there are some requirements for him to deem your home worthy to pitch his flag. You need a light source, a torch will do, you’ll also need a door and two items of furniture – a chair and table for example. As you progress more NPC’s like the guide move in when you hit certain targets in the game, or you rescue them, but I won’t give everything away.

Never dig down!…without water.

Now here comes the long part — mining! This is actually my favourite part of the game, next to exploring. You’ll notice a “tik tik tik tik” of your pickaxe on the stone and dirt, you’ll get used to it, trust me. You’ll no doubt firstly dig into a naturally formed cavern and explore, fighting off the odd slime and bat. This is the best way to find your first chests with some goodies in. But you’ll find this tedious to navigate as you progress, my method is to dig directly down, as you can see below you even with little light, keep a pool of water with you, as if you do die you’ll find you have a long drop down to a hard floor if you don’t have a puddle to land into. At this point don’t put yourself into silly situations, don’t risk fighting ten enemies for some gold ore, but try grab all the ore you can, even Iron armour will help at this point, then focus on Silver and so on.

Breaking blocks

Unlike other games of the genre your items don’t break after use. I like that you have no fear that your pickaxe will explode in your hand half way through some ore, but this can make you lack the encouragement you need to try and get a better pickaxe.

Finding ores is pretty easy really. The amount of ore required to craft a bar, and the amount of bars require for an item is a tall order, a helmet will often required 20 bars of a material, making those five veins of ore you’ve just mined might not add up to as much as you thought they would. Mining isn’t all you do though, you have to try get down to the underworld, a “hell” of places. Demons and monsters alike roam those lava caves. For most it will be a while before you actually get to this level and activate the Hardmode (I will leave you to find out more about that). So relax, build your wooden huts, explore shallow caverns, make a server, invite friends, take on the wall of flesh, die a lot. But most of all, try to avoid the…. RAGEQUIT.

Soon to come!

Terraria has been confirmed to be in the middle of a port to Xbox live and PSN, rumoured to have been out this month but nothing I’ve noticed yet. Possibly by the time this is out it may be already, who knows?!

Keep those peepers open.

Terraria Review
It has its quirks and is well worth the £5.99 it costs on Steam, but on your own the difficulty of the game is really up there, fighting off bosses single handed is a hell of a task, so I suggest you throw up a server and invite people that way. The NPC's really made this game fun when I first played it, it's a task itself just to get all of them to move in with you and sell their wares. But when you do have them you'll have ammo supplies and access to some pretty cool items.
  • + Fun seductive environment
  • + Easy to setup server inbuilt to the game
  • + Items gain buffs through use/crafting/reforging
  • - Very sudden difficulty spike when beating the wall of flesh
  • - Normally requires teamwork to beat a boss
  • - Easy to just go for hours without finding anything useful
70%"Good Fun"

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