The Inpatient | Review
Strap your head into an immersive, spine-tingling experience that takes place 60 years before the chilling events of Until Dawn, made exclusively for PlayStation VR.

What is it?

The Inpatient is a PlayStation VR-based prequel to Supermassive Games’ psychological horror title, Until Dawn. Embark on a narrative-driven experience that ramps up the tension through its eerie insane asylum, set 60 years before the events of its successor.

Is it any good?

Sinking into the dark depths of a mental asylum and getting scared to crap by its creepy atmosphere and characters is good, but I found it a struggle to play most of it without keeping the PSVR fully extended and away from my face. It’s unpredictable, terrifying and its story follows a similar pattern to Until Dawn, by resting your fate and the people around you solely on the decisions you make at pivotal moments.

As a patient of Blackwood Sanatorium suffering from amnesia, you begin your journey by selecting your gender, picking a skin tone and opting for point and click dialogue selection or, surprisingly, you can choose to use voice recognition. This will allow you to simply speak the dialogue choice that you wish to pick and ultimately it adds to the immersion. It was a brilliant option that I would like to see more in future PSVR titles.

Anything bad to report?

Sitting down to play PSVR for more than an hour can be a taxing experience, so the thought of retreading The Inpatient’s multilayered storyline multiple times, just to see its different endings, is a big ask. Plus, the usual issues with poor tracking from the PSVR persist.  

Should you buy it?

Inpatient is an incredibly immersive experience, however there are more than a few key points that fail to raise it beyond an experimental taster of what PSVR and virtual reality on the whole can offer. There’s little interaction in the game aside from walking around, poking a flashlight around and choosing your response to a question. Those looking for something a bit more engaging and action packed, akin to Until Dawn, will likely become disinterested.

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