After embarking on the first episode of The Walking Dead Season 2, it’s clear that Clementine has grown up. So it’s no surprise as we enter the second episode, that she’s taking a little more control in her decisions; all together portraying herself as a far stronger girl than we’ve ever known her to be.

Since I chose to save Nick at the end of episode one, we quickly realised we’re outnumbered by Walkers and decided to retreat to a nearby cabin. Don’t worry, what follows isn’t some crumby remake of the movie Cabin Fever. As I left his Uncle Pete to die, Nick was understandably distraught, however I quickly reminded him he had been infected. After a lengthy discussion, Nick managed to find some alcohol and I left him to sulk in the corner. It may sound like I’m being tough, but when zombies start breaking in, I’m not waiting round for him.

As time quickly traveled by, marking a full day since we’d locked ourself in, we decided to make a break for it; though it left a slightly tipsy Nick to draw the Walkers’ attention, helping me escape unharmed. Once Clementine reached the group back at the house, Carlos, Rebecca and Sarah were the only ones inside. It didn’t take long until Carlos and Rebecca left us in search of the rest of the group, gathering guns before heading out. As I was tasked with looking after Carlos’s daughter Sarah, I had a chance to get to work with entertaining her with traditionally girly tasks, learning about hand guns!

Here we get to see Clem come into her own, as she begins to teach Sarah about hand guns and how to use them. Referencing quotes that she heard from Lee when she was first taught how to fire a weapon, I felt almost nostalgic, thinking once again about how much Clementine has learnt since her time with Lee, growing up quickly and fending for herself. What follows is an unwelcome visit from a stranger letting himself into the property, which forces Sarah to hide under her bed. I’ve yet to clarify what significance the man has in Sarah’s life, though once he meets her father Carlos at a later stage, they don’t seem the best of friends. The man leaves, but it isn’t long until they meet again.

Carlos and Rebecca return with the rest of the group, swiftly making a move up north after they realise that the stranger is tracking their moves. Along the way, we walk past the cabin where Nick and I were held up, happy to find him safe and well – albeit slightly hungover. The episode moves fast, as five days go by and you’re met with a large bridge to cross. More surprises follow, alongside a tragic turn of events, but I won’t spoil them here. Though I will say that you meet an old friend along the way.

The Walking Dead Season 2: EP 2 Review
Episode two carries on the strong writing from the first episode of this new season, continuing character development and raising the stakes along the way. There were some incredibly tense moments throughout the episode, which were coupled with some great surprises and welcome changes of pace. Unfortunately though, I can’t stop thinking about how the story is going to progress, as after ending on such a cliff hanger, where will the end of season two leave us? Luckily we have another three episodes to find out, just don’t hold your breathe for a happy ending.
  • + Clementine keeps growing up
  • + The great writing continues
  • + The story never rests, moving on in a heart beat and changing pace without notice
  • - Bugs continue to persist

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