You’ve got to admire Telltale. Over the last couple of years we’ve been lucky enough to play some pretty inspiring titles from their development studio – The Walking Dead and Back To The Future to name a few. But in the midst of a Game of Thrones and Borderlands game being produced – not to mention the Walking Dead season 2 already being made available – Telltale seem to be keeping themselves even busier, with the likes of ‘The Wolf Among Us’ marking their latest creation.

When I first caught wind of TWAU (or TeaWar as I pronounce it) I was a little more pessimistic than I was excited. But as soon as I booted up the title I was surprised to be met by an upbeat 80’s composition, setting up the atmosphere for a title I hardly knew anything about. However, let’s get the general details out of the way first. Based on the award winning comic book series ‘Fables’ from Vertigo comics and DC, the grounding of the game sure has a history.

You take charge as Bigby Wolf, Sheriff of Fabletown. But Fabletown isn’t inhabited by your average selection of citizens. Though it my seem like normal human beings roam the streets, there’s actually much more behind their skin. Their human side is the work of magic spell called Glamour and underneath lies a traditional fairy tale figure. As per the name, take Bigby Wolf out of his shell and you get the Big Bad Wolf. Of course you’re joined by other notable Fables, such as Snow White, The Huntsman or one even of the Three Little Pigs. Ironically, one of those pigs share a flat with you in the real world.

You shouldn’t misinterpret my words though, don’t expect this to form your average fairy tale kids story. Aside from having a complex premise where fairytale beings live among us, you can also expect a hefty amount of swearing and an overall mature presentation. Shortly after you start off, the tone is brutally set, as you begin to investigate the murder of a Fable, discovering their decapitated head no less. It’s fair to say that this isn’t for kids, and as such, should be something any adult gamer can and should enjoy.

After the end of the first episode of The Wolf Among Us, I was surprised by how much enjoyment I ended up having. Getting to see a grim interpretation of some of my favourite child hood fairytale characters was both fascinating and surreal. As expected this series is comprised of five episodes and retains many of the same gameplay mechanics seems across Telltale’s gaming series’, particularly The Walking Dead season 2. Of course at the heart of it, choices are what matter the most, and how you choose to answer questions or adjust your actions will affect the course of the story.

I’m happy to see that Telltale have go onto an unexpected series, as it brings with it some black humour, an interesting story and a surprisingly amount of charm. The characters are definitely the biggest highlight, especially once you realise the small characteristics each one brings across to the real world. However, not every character has a human body to present themselves in, as only those who can afford the luxury of a Glamour spell can end up looking ‘normal’. Hence why you will meet a number of characters in their original form, whether that be the Pig that lives in your flat or your friend the Toad.

The Wolf Among Us: EP 1 Review
As a starting episode, everything is put in motion to make this series one of Telltales’ best. Including probably the best alternative take to everyone’s favourite childhood characters, it’s a real pleasure to start enjoying them once again in a much more adult themed, quirky tone.
  • + Great alternate renditions of your favourite fairytale characters
  • +Colourful, stylised surroundings
  • + Gotta love the typical Telltale choice making!
  • - Might not appeal to everyone

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