After a strong starting episode, Fables returns with the second piece of its five-story arc called ‘Smoke and Mirrors’. As expected, spoilers are mentioned throughout this article in relation to the episodes’ story.

Carrying on straight after the events of the last game, your choices are already making an impact. Since discovering that not one, but two Fables have been murdered, it’s now up to Bigby Wolf (A.K.A The Big Bad Wolf) to ramp up his investigation. Though Snow White appeared to be decapitated at the end of the first episode, there’s a little more behind the curtain than meets the eye.

But before you get to investigate further, you’re taken to the nearby Police precinct and questioned over Snow’s apparent murder. You shouldn’t feel too threatened though, because in next to no time Crane performs some memory magic and the whole of the precinct forget about the case. It seems as though someone wants to keep a lid on things. Now it’s time to interrogate your prime suspect, which in my case was Tweedle Dee. Unfortunately I picked poorly, as despite my persuasive interrogation techniques, my punches couldn’t gleam that much information. It didn’t matter that much though, since a familiar face interrupted my questioning, and that was Snow White herself.

Snow White’s alive!? How? Well let’s just say a little Glamour can go a long way, even if it’s accomplished via the black market. So besides being relieved that one of the best fairy tale characters didn’t die in episode one, it’s now up to Bigby to find out why someone was Glamoured to look like Snow in the first place. Things quickly escalate, however, as whilst Snow and Bigby inspect the body in the Business Office, more evidence begins to surface. One particular piece of evidence being a small wooden capsule, containing the ingredients needed for a Glamour. Both a picture of Snow and some clippings of her hair were present. Suddenly Snow’s lookalike transforms, as the Glamour is taken away and we see the remains of a troll.

It doesn’t take long until we connect the dots and realise that the troll is actually Lilly, the sister of the Barmaid we met at the end of episode one. If you remember correctly, she transformed into a troll too. Taking with us the vital clues we picked up off of Lilly’s body, I then headed to inform Holly of her sister’s murder. It was now time to find out where the black market equipment had come from, which led us to the Pudding and Pie strip club, ran by a man named Georgie. I had questions and wasn’t prepare to leave without answers.

Even though this title is a mature representation of your typical fairy tale world, I was still surprised to be met by a pole dancer performing her work in traditional topless fashion. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying it, but then again, to find out the girl was once known as the Little Mermaid was slightly concerning. Should I be happy about seeing one of my favourite characters represented in human form and strutting her stuff in a strip club? I’m gonna go ahead and leave that for yourselves to decide. Funnily enough, the Little Mermaid has legs in her Glamour form, as she references paying a lot of money for the procedure. With a litter persuasion Georgie gave me some information, but not before I trashed his club.

As I reached the end of the episode the story started to unravel furthermore, as I neared the identity of the killer. I won’t spoil it here, but I will say that I wasn’t expecting it.

The Wolf Among Us: EP 2 Review
As I continue into the spider-web story of The Wolf Among Us, I feel as though my journey is just getting started. With three episodes left until the end of the first series, there are just as many questions as there are answers. If you don’t have the season pass, pick it up, because you won’t be disappointed.
  • + Further plot twists
  • + Meeting the Little Mermaid in a strip joint? I'm impressed
  • + Snow White is alive!

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