Uncharted: The Lost Legacy | Review
The Lost Legacy is exactly what I expected: more Uncharted glued together by the same top notch gameplay and writing the series is known for. It may not push the boat out when it comes to new features, but if you liked the last game you’ll probably like this.

What is it?

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy serves as an extension to the story of the last game, Uncharted 4. However, instead of focusing on Nathan Drake, Lost Legacy follows the journey of Chloe and Nadine as they attempt to track down some ancient treasure.

Is it any good?

In typical ‘Uncharted’ fashion the game is full of spectacular action scenes, plus since this game has been developed with the PlayStation 4 Pro in mind it’s also the best looking entry to date. It helps that its brilliant script and does a good job of fleshing out some of the series’ lesser known characters. At £24.99 it’s a bit of a bargain as well.

For those looking to play with their mates a stand-alone competitive multiplayer is also available.

Anything bad to report?

Unlike every other major Uncharted game, this expansion doesn’t present a whole lot of innovation – aside from the ability to pick locks, perhaps. Pretty much all of the gameplay mechanics have been borrowed from the fourth game and as such, returning players might find parts of the game a bit too familiar.

Should you buy it?

If you’re a returning fan of Uncharted and are looking to dive into more quality gameplay, then definitely. However, if you’re hoping for a fully-fledged Uncharted 5 that will raise the bar and blow your socks off, then perhaps temper your expectations. New to the series? Even if you haven’t bought an Uncharted game before, this is definitely a great place to start.

Did I mention the game’s hilarious photo mode that also allows you to change facial expressions? It looks stunning too…

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