Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection
The Good
  • + All three games, re-imaged and refined
  • + Speed run mode offers a new challenge
  • + Still utterly engrossing and engaging storytelling
The Bad
  • - No multiplayer

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Start Replay: “A Real Gem”

While Naughty Dog continue work on their epic conclusion to the Uncharted series, gamers everywhere can remain entertained with remastered versions of the first three. The original trilogy didn’t need improving per se, but developer Bluepoint Games has nonetheless revised Nathan Drake’s adventures; rebuilding gameplay and graphics to suit Playstation 4’s more powerful hardware.

Ranked as one of the most defining video game series ever created, Uncharted has often presented hair-raising moments accompanied by spectacular gameplay and stunning graphics. As far as remasters go, this collection brings together three epic tales and improves just enough to make playing them again more than just a fond revisit.

Uncharted™: The Nathan Drake Collection_20151023181737

Everything from gameplay to textures and lighting has seen an enhancement, which results in each game shining brighter than it did before — something I didn’t believe was even possible. Character models are sharper and small alterations to clothing and facial details are a notable improvement. Aiming down your sights to pull off a headshot is also much smoother, as control is tighter and more refined.

Going one step further Bluepoint has included a “Speed Run mode” within each title. This allows fans to truly test their ability when it comes to completing each level as quickly as possible. Not only that, but the addition of a brand new difficulty mode called “Brutal” will also give players another reason to replay the originals.

Uncharted™: The Nathan Drake Collection_20151026141907

All three campaigns remain intact, but unfortunately multiplayer is sadly absent. This is probably due to a strict schedule to make up for the delay to Uncharted 4, though it would’ve been nice to have the option to play with friends. Regardless, the series has always been known for its hard-hitting single-player mode, so be glad that the story has remained the laser focus of Bluepoint’s work.



Whether you’re an Uncharted veteran such as myself, or a newcomer to the intense and adrenaline-filled world of Nathan Drake, this collection is the perfect excuse to revisit or experience the series for the first time. Gaming gold just got better.


*Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection was provided to Start Replay on PS4 by SCEE

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