Urban Trials Playground | Review
Until Ubisoft decide to port one of their existing Trials bike stunt games, Urban Trials Playground will offer a worthy distraction.

What is it?

Urban Trials Playground takes inspiration from Ubisoft’s incredibly popular physics-based bike stunt games developed by RedLynx. Urban Trials is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch and features two modes across its collection of 55 bite-sized tracks: Freestyle Score Attack and Time Trial.

Is it any good?

Pulling off crazy stunts across Urban Trials’ sunny Californian beach-based tracks is cool, especially on the go. Its gameplay is perfect to jump into for 5 minutes and, whilst it might not match Ubisoft’s big-budget alternative, it ticks all the boxes at the most basic of levels.

Apart from achieving high scores and beating set time trials, collectible casino currency (dotted around each track) is on-hand to allow you to purchase Speed, Agility and Brake upgrades. Its split-screen multiplayer offers a neat bit of fun, too.  

Anything bad to report?

It’s incredibly basic and doesn’t offer a lot of variation. I mean, there are only two gameplay modes and one vehicle type (not to mention a set of courses that all end up looking the same after track 20 of 55).

Should you buy it?

If you’re looking for a similar experience to match Ubisoft’s Trials bike stunt games, Urban Trials Playground is good, but not recommended at its current lowest price of £24.99. Wait until it goes on sale and sits below £15.

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