Watch Dogs 2 "Human Conditions" DLC | Review
It might be bit vanilla in places due to the fact it doesn’t present any exciting new weapons or vehicles to play around with, but overall I’ve found that this £11.99 piece of DLC does a good job of padding out the story and presenting more missions to get stuck into.
70%"Good Fun"

As the first major expansion to Watch Dogs 2, Human Conditions provides three extra levels, brand-new ‘Elite’ co-op missions and a new enemy type that aims to mix up gameplay. This add-on content doesn’t have a particular place in the story, though you do need to complete one or two important missions before the DLC can be unlocked.

When it comes to missions there are some pretty neat scenarios to work through. One tasks you with investigating rumours of a driverless car and obviously paints a satirical view of Google’s own attempts. As well as revisiting Lenni, a former enemy from the main campaign, a familiar face from the original Watch Dogs also makes an appearance. The new ‘Elite’ co-op missions span across a much larger portion of the map than standard ones. This allowed me to work closely with a friend and plan a strategy that didn’t always include sticking together. Though I was happy that these missions were played out on a much grander scale, I didn’t find them as hard as they were made out to be.

On more than one occasion I completed an Elite mission by myself. If anything I often found them a lot easier due to their less linear and more open structure. It mean’t that I wasn’t suppressed in an enclosed space and could approach a mission from many different angles. The inclusion of a new enemy that has a jammer on its back reminded me of the enemies in the Batman Arkham series, whom also lugged around jammers to make gameplay for challenging. As you’d expect, their jammers stop anything from being hacked within a small radius, forcing you to make these enemies a priority.

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