Wipeout: Omega Collection | Review
Despite missing out on the Wipeout series since its inception in 1995, I feel incredibly fortunate to experience this brilliant collection of titles, retuned and specced up for the modern age. As a PS4 Pro and 4K TV owner I can confirm that it looks outstanding. Regardless, whether on a standard PS4 or a Pro, I highly suggest you pick this up.

Receiving PlayStation 1 demo discs still stands as one of my favourite past times. It gave me the chance to try out games from the comfort of my secluded home in Scotland and their arrival was always met with the excitable grin of my younger self. Of all the titles I got to try out Wipeout was one of the few I didn’t end up purchasing, so getting my mitts on this remastered pack in glorious, eye-popping 4K is a real treat.

The Wipeout Omega Collection features both Wipeout HD (which arrived on PS3 in 2008) and Wipeout 2048 (a PlayStation Vita title from 2012). Wipeout HD is also joined by its ‘Wipeout HD Fury’ expansion and all three titles have been remastered and optimized to hit 60 frames-per-second, outputting at 4K and HDR for those with a PlayStation 4 Pro. Not only that, but as well as sprucing up the graphics, each title is also accompanied by a fully remastered soundtrack as well.

For those who maybe don’t know, Wipeout is a racing game that tasks players with navigating twisting track layouts at speed, with some modes also introducing weaponry to fend off any opponents vying for pole position. It features high-octane racing and is coupled with a pulsing electronic soundtrack. This collection presents a total of 26 tracks and 46 ships to control across them and both online and local split-screen multiplayer is present.

Control-wise it’s pretty simple: press X to accelerate and alongside using the left analogue stick to move, the left and right back triggers can also be used for steering. If, like myself, it’s your first time navigating a ship around a Wipeout course, then it’ll probably take you a while to master. If you hit the edge of a course then your ship will slow down dramatically, so learning to corner at high speeds will ensure that you keep up your momentum.

Having never fully played a Wipeout game before, I’m happy to report that the Omega Collection has left me seriously impressed; it’s a gorgeous racing game that packs a ton of content for both returning fans and newcomers. After looking back on the origins of both of these games, unlike some other titles that simply polish a few things, this truly is a remaster that can stand by the name with confidence.

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