The Witcher 3 | Review
The Good
  • + Huge world that feels truly alive
  • + Rich story
  • + Beautiful visuals
The Bad
  • - None

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Delving back into The Witcher series proved to be a very exciting adventure. Having played The Witcher 2, I thought I knew what to expect from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. I knew this game was going to be more open and expansive than the previous title, allowing more player freedom, but even after attending a press screening of the game during Gamescom last year, I was still not ready for how expansive both the game world and its rich plot were going to be.


In The Witcher 3 you take the reigns of Geralt of Rivia, the famous witcher, who is a type of mutated super-powered-monster-hunter. Having regained his memory which he lost in the previous games, Geralt is now in search of his beloved (or one of his beloved’s anyway) Yennefer of Vengerberg and his adopted daughter Ciri, who quite inconveniently is being chased by The Wild Hunt, a nasty group of spectral soldiers that have been wreaking havoc across the world.

We follow Geralt on his quest, interacting with an extremely far ranging group of characters, some of which want to help you, and others that just want to kill you. It is quite easy whilst playing Witcher 3 to have a brief chat with one of the hundreds of random characters, only to end up in an interesting and fun side quest just as rewarding and emotionally involving as the main quest line. It’s this unparalleled quality and ability to captivate you every time you play, even with the smallest of side quests, that makes The Witcher 3 once of the best games I’ve ever experienced.


This game manages to step beyond its fantasy RPG genre and briefly try its hand at entirely different gameplay approaches. Whether you’re playing a round of the ever-popular card game ‘Gwent’, or you’ve become a Sherlock of yesteryear and you are trying to solve a recent spate of serial killings, there’s enough variation to keep you pulled in at all times. Combat manages to walk the line between complex and simple with the simple attack dodge and parry manoeuvres, mixed in with a diverse spell list.

It provides a reasonable challenge for any player and manages to facilitate a brutally grim end for your enemies with them being cut into two halves; something that happens all too often. CD Projekt Red has provided us with a stunningly large and alive game world, that passes by day-by-day wheather you are there or not. The dynamic weathering system truly adds to the belief that the environment is alive, and who doesnt want to see Geralt in his soaking, tight leggings! What is even more impressive is the fact that it manages this without any drop in gameplay or graphics. The game is staggeringly attractive, with so much work put into creating the environment and its characters.



The Witcher 3 has managed to create a massive, diverse, rich game world, with an abundance of interesting, emotionally fueled plot lines; main and side quests both! They have completed this without any compromise or downgrade in other areas of the game. It has in my opinion provided a benchmark for all future AAA games. Well done CD Projekt Red, and happy hunting!


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