World of Tanks | PS4 Review
The Good
  • + Beautifully detailed vehicles
  • + No need for PlayStation Plus in order to play
  • + Easy to pick up and play
The Bad
  • - British nation sorely lacking at launch

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Start Replay: “Roll Out!”

For those stuck under a German tank for the last few years, World of Tanks (WOT) is a massively multiplayer online game. Its arrival on consoles started on the Xbox, though fans still had to purchase an Xbox Live subscription in order to play – something that made its freemium model a bit pointless. On PlayStation there’s no need for Sony’s online service, which is a huge bonus for players that can’t shell out £40 or simply want to take advantage of its free-to-play model. Based on my short time with the title on PC and Xbox, the transition to PlayStation has been seamless.

World of Tanks_20160123001723

If you’re reading this thinking WOT is a realistic, mind-numbing simulator built to appease World War enthusiasts, think again, gameplay has been built for a fun. Newcomers shouldn’t fear on losing out, if anything the move to consoles has opened the battlefield to new recruits. Gameplay focuses on large scale battles and operates within a free-to-play basis; players can join in on the fun without spending a single penny. Those looking to purchase premium tanks, or upgrades in the form of new equipment, can do so quickly via buying gold (in-game currency).

World of Tanks_20160208012901

At the time of writing there are currently on three countries to choose from on PS4: America, Russia and Germany. Each one features a large selection of tanks, all accurately detailed to mimic the look and operation of their real life counterparts. Though players can purchase gold for premium vehicles, rising the ranks via completing matches offers a much more fulfilling way to progress. Since each nation features numerous tanks that splinter out into different branches, it’s often useful to look ahead of the vehicle you’ve equipped and research an upcoming tanks’ specs. This will help you choose the best upgrade path to suit your play style as you aim towards the top tier. In total there are 10 tiers and each vehicle you come across will require a certain amount of XP, as well as silver, to rest safely in your garage. In addition to purchasing in-game currency, buying a premium membership will allow for an increased amount of XP and silver after each match. It’s not essential, but a premium account does help players get the most out of their gameplay.

World of Tanks_20160208020258

Each tank features a wealth of upgrades should you wish to stick to a favourite and make it your own. Anything from a vehicle’s crew, equipment and supplies can be amended. This includes teaching a fellow comrade new skills to improve your combat ability, enable faster repairs, or increase your chances of surviving under water. The ammunition you use can also be altered to increase your damage output against heavily armoured enemies; explosive or armour piercing shells can be purchased and swapped on-the-fly during battle. Lastly, equipment can be selected to aid your repair speed, decrease detection, and even lower the time it takes to reload. Each model will have certain strengths or weaknesses, and you’ll have to take those into consideration before setting off to war.

World of Tanks_20160208013623

I personally found those that offered a mixture of reasonable armour, barrel range and speed were the best. However, sometimes it was fun to take a vehicle with a low level of protection but incredibly high speed; making it easy to capture an enemy flag whilst avoiding incoming fire.  Furthermore, a tank that features long-range artillery can be useful to pick off enemies hiding behind cover. Utilising their extended range will place you in a birds eye view, allowing players to sit back and plan strategically.

Matches typically consist of capturing a specific location, while a round will end if an entire team bites the dust. I played with a couple of colleagues here at Start Replay, and we often relished the opportunity to work together. It doesn’t have to be a rat race to win the match as fast as possible, you can take your time to scout out your surroundings and hole yourself up in a cosy, yet secure position. It will appeal to a lot of different people, each of which will form a unique play style and tank choice. It’s a shame to have a distinct lack of British vehicles when compared to the Xbox version at this current time, but regular updates are ensured to increase the number of nations available.



World of Tanks is whatever you want it to be. It has the depth and detail to satisfy fans of history and realism, whilst also appealing to casual players looking for a bit of fun with friends, or solo. The added benefit of being free-to-play means that literally anyone can join in, and since it doesn’t feature an emphasis on the killing of people, absolutely any age range can enjoy the fun of controlling a tank and partaking in battle.