World of Warships | Review
The Good
  • + Fun combat
  • + Stunning realism and visuals
  • + Large array of ships
The Bad
  • - Classes can take some getting used to
  • - Games can be slow to build up at the beginning  

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Start Replay: “Action Stations!”

It’s been a while since I first previewed World of Warships, so getting the chance to set sail once more and dust off my captain’s hat was pretty fun. Naval battles have a tendency to become dull and tedious, but I’m still surprised by how Wargaming have defied my expectations and crafted one of the best naval games to date.


My previous experience of naval warfare in games such as Total War sits at just 20 minutes out on the ocean, compared to the 200+ hours of time in other battle scenarios. I used to hate the bloody things. It took ages to manoeuvre vessels around the map and getting to an enemy was slow and tedious. But Wargaming has somehow managed to pull off a miracle, by not only creating a warship game that I thoroughly enjoyed, but also changing my perception of other naval battle games I have played. Since playing World of Warships I’ve felt an urge to dig out my old Silent Hunter submarine games, a series that I did not fully appreciate at the time but now feel a strong passion to return to.

The basic premise of World of Warships is that you control a customisable Warship throughout various large-scale naval battles, taking place in a standard 12 v 12 basis. You can compete and work with your team to complete objectives, or you can just blow the living daylights out of the enemy team, whether they be computer or player controlled.


You also get the opportunity to choose a ship from a few different classes to take into battle. These classes include aircraft carriers, destroyers, cruisers and battleships. If you want to play as an aircraft carrier, don’t rush head first into battle like I did, its strength lies in strategic play and you have the ability to control air squadrons that can attack the enemy, but make sure to stay hidden.

Each ship has its own strength such as the aircraft carriers’ strategic value. It could be the destroyers speed or the battleships firepower but no matter what each ship class has, another class of ship can bring them down with ease. Each ship has a weakness to another class and is stronger against another.


At the beginning of a game there is a slight “calm before the storm” feeling as you venture forward into the unknown, ready to send any and all foes to the bottom of the ocean. Then, once you finally meet your enemy on the harsh ocean, the battle heats up and it requires skill and a cool head to take on the enemy and escape with a working ship. Of course when your ship is finally beyond any further use, other than a nice new habitat for the fishes, you can return to port and venture back into battle astride a new ship.

Warships is a stunning game, and the historical accuracy and realism placed into the ships allows it to stand head and shoulders above any of its rivals. The amount of work going into the battles is phenomenal, and it’s clear that Wargaming don’t skimp on the finer details




Warships provides a fun and addictive way to escape reality, whilst heading back to the 1940’s and experience the naval warfare of WW2. The battles are fun and not tedious, the roster of ships at your disposal is plentiful and the ship classes are a nice addition. It’s a naval game that presents water-tight gameplay and features a wealth of details. So what are you waiting for, get out there and hit the sea, Captain!


*World of Warships is a free-to-play title and can currently be downloaded through 

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