Worms W.M.D | Review
Packing a swanky new look and features, W.M.D is the most fun Worms title to date. Period.
The Good
  • + It’s new art style is simply brilliant; levels, characters, all of it looks sublime
  • + Vehicles offer a brand new angle to worm warfare
  • + Crafting is adds a good bit of tactical gameplay
The Bad
  • Nothing to report

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Start Replay: “Worms. Reinvented.”


For over two decades Worms has remained a staple for multiplayer mayhem with a comedic twist, letting players utilise the likes of flying sheep, banana bombs, and concrete donkeys. Since its inception the basic template to worm warfare has stayed largely untouched. Until now.

Worms W.M.D_20160907173033

Worms W.M.D totally reinvents the series. Its brand new 2D art style is a breath of fresh air, and helps by staying true to the series’ roots whilst introducing a host of new gameplay opportunities. The amount of detail given to every level landscape is astounding, and at times I simply sat and gawked at my surroundings; everything is bursting with charm and looks, well, fun!

Worms W.M.D_20160907234021

For the first time in the series’ history, vehicles make an introduction, alongside the ability to craft new weapons during the heat of battle. Transport is provided in three forms: tank, helicopter and mech. Crafting allows you to pick up materials on any given map, choose a weapon and modify its base construction. Its incredibly tactical and helps you decide how you are going to plan your attack and deal the most damage. It’s actually surprising such a feature hasn’t made an appearance earlier.

Worms W.M.D_20160908001508

Overall your objective remains the same as previous instalments: kill all enemy worms and do so without dying. Once again, alongside multiplayer, a traditional campaign packs a long list of levels that can be completed solo and each one comes with a set of objectives: destroy all worms without taking damage, for example.

Worms W.M.D_20160908002228

On top of that are challenges to test your skills, and bonus missions, which can provide any objective against a unique background. One such backdrop came via the game ‘Escapists’, and kitted each worm out with cute masks to represent its characters. This new look places an emphasis on customisation and the inclusion of other video game properties, including masks from the upcoming platformer, Yooka-Laylee. You can bet your bottom dollar that a lot more content will be made available to purchase as DLC.

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