Dying Light: The Following | Review

Want to look beyond the score? Check out the full review below… Start Replay: “New Horizons” In 2015 Dying Light reinvigorated the survival horror genre. Its expansion, The Following, builds upon its solid fo...
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Advanced Warfare | Havoc DLC Pack Review

Want to look beyond the score? Read the full written review below… After playing Advanced Warfare’s first DLC pack, Havoc, I can safely say that it’s the zombies that win over my heart. Even with four new mu...
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The Life Of A KillCameraman

Ever wondered who films your KillCams during a match of Call of Duty? Wonder no more. Kinda. Randall Higgins is the name, and he's having trouble keeping up with the intense pace at which Call of Duty is mov...
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Exo Zombies Brings In Hollywood Talent

Activision has released new details for its upcoming Zombie add-on to Advanced Warfare, Exo Zombies. Similar to what's come before, Exo Zombies tasks up to four players to survive against waves of the undead...