Dell Latitude 7370 | Review
This is a brilliant little laptop and I would happily use this in place of my MacBook Air. It’s ideal to write articles/reviews on, small enough to take to conferences or events and the battery life is enough to get by.
75%" Good Fun"

I’ve been using the Dell Latitude 7370 for 2 weeks now and it’s a handy, smart little ultrabook capable of running your everyday tasks. It comes with 8GB of memory, a 128GB or 256GB SSD and a rather poppy 13.3” screen and is a perfect replacement for the MacBook Air.

The body of the laptop is sturdy yet lightweight. When I take it out of the bag or have it on my lap, it doesn’t feel like it’s made of glass, however, it’s incredibly slim and doesn’t weigh you down. The sides of the laptop feature two USB-C ports, one USB-A port, a mini-HDMI and the standard 3.2mm audio port. Through my use, I found that this was more than enough to accommodate any peripherals I used, I wasn’t left short of USB slots. If I found the same number of ports on a full-blown desktop PC then that might cause some issues, but this is designed to be carried around and not constantly wired up to other devices. The USB-C ports are also used for charging the laptop, which meant the charger itself is relatively small and not too annoying to carry around.

As expected, the track pad features multi-touch controls, such as two finger scrolling. Next to the trackpad is an NFC area and a finger print scanner. I tested out the NFC with a Windows phone sporting the same technology and I was able to seamlessly transfer photos/videos to the laptop without any prior configuration. The finger print scanner however, was not so great. A few times it would work instantly, almost like opening an iPhone, but most of the time the laptop struggled to recognise my print. Even when it did, it would take quite some time to login, resulting in me having to type in the password more often than I wanted to.

The screen on the Latitude is glorious. Whilst tiny it makes up for it with the clarity and colour range. Even typing this review, the white of the page is bright and the words stand out as clear as day. I watched various YouTube videos and viewed images that would better exhibit the display and it really stands apart from other laptop screens I’ve seen. The one thing that threw me with the top half is the placement of the webcam. Instead of at the top of the screen, it’s in the bottom left. The aesthetics actually benefit from this choice as it allows the screen to fit flush along the top, leaving a small space underneath the screen just above the keyboard. It did mean that using the webcam was a bit strange; I felt as though the person on the other end could see up my nose. Nothing major, just an annoyance.

As stated previously, the laptop contains 8GB of memory, perfect for a laptop of this size, and more than enough to peruse the interwebs or write articles. At the bottom end we have a 128GB SSD whereas the high-end version will contain a 256GB SSD. Again, storage isn’t an issue here, I wouldn’t expect people to be storing thousands of songs, photos or videos and besides, cloud storage is no longer a thing of the future. The battery is always a tricky point for any device, be that phone, tablet or laptop. Over the two weeks, I only had to charge it a handful of times, bearing in mind I wasn’t using it 100% of the time. I found that the battery life lasts a little less than I would want it to, but as mentioned earlier, the charger is relatively unobtrusive and thus charging it up isn’t a hassle. I would estimate that I got 6 hours of power before I needed to charge it which should cater for most people.

Windows 10 comes pre-installed and is most definitely a step up from Windows 8. Browsing through the Windows Store there were various apps that I tried out, namely Facebook and Facebook Messenger. Both work splendidly on the Latitude and no problems to report there. I did branch out a bit to see what the laptop could handle and decided to install a game. I went for Killer Instinct as it’s free-to-play and I love fighting games. The introduction screen loaded just fine but playing the game didn’t go so well. I’m not surprised, I never expected an ultrabook to be capable of running fancy looking games, but it was worth a shot.

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