Resident Evil Revelations 2: Bonus Episodes Review
The Good
  • + Provides some pretty essentially pieces to the story
  • + Nice to avoid enemies entirely as Natalia
The Bad
  • - Could’ve easily been included as an addition to episode four, not presented separately
  • - Gameplay tends to wear thin and feels like filler
60%"Time Killer"

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After finishing the main storyline to Revelations 2, you’ll have the opportunity to download a further two episodes: “The Struggle” and “Little Miss”. With the former you’re given control of Moira and are shown what happened to her after Claire seemingly left her to die. Funnily enough, Moira survived her near-death experience, and alongside the help of the elderly Russian man you meet earlier in the game, she’s holding up quite well. With the latter, Natalia is the main focus, and you control her up to the point where she meets Barry arriving in his boat.


As you’d expect, these extra episodes are a lot shorter than the main pieces of content making up the campaign. It’s clear that with the little amount of story there is to tell, these extra episode act as filler for those who want more to play. As Moira you’re given the task of eliminating waves of enemies through multiple areas of the game, whilst also collecting supplies for food. Reaching the end of her journey will leave you at where we last see Barry, confronting Alex Wesker before she completes the transition into Natalia. Unbeknown to myself until I started look into it, there was actually a good ending to Revelation’s fourth episode, which sees Barry and Moira come together again.


With Natalia’s less action-orientated segment, you awaken from your testing bed and are immediately met by a clone of yourself. With a little more attitude to her, Natalia’s duplicate wears black cloths, and harnesses the ability to see an enemies’ scent. Whereas Natalia has this ability upon meeting her in the main campaign, here she’s a little underdeveloped. This is essentially where switching between the two girls becomes vital, in order to avoid enemies and any direct contact. Your goal is to stay stealthy, not start fighting off monsters.


If you buy the full game physically or through a season pass, both of these extra episodes will be available upon completing the game. Alternatively you can downloaded each of them at the price of £3.99, though for a pound less than the main episodes, it seems pretty steep. They certainly provide some ‘revelations’ story-wise, and if you’ve got them as part of the full game, then great. However, unless you’re absolutely in the need of filling in the gaps, there’re better things to spend your money on.

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