A Very Different Steakhouse”, Ron’s Steakhouse, Inside Arizona Charlie’s Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas- Restaurant Reviews-

A Very Different Steakhouse”, Ron’s Steakhouse, Inside Arizona Charlie’s Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas- Restaurant Reviews-

Enter Ron’s steakhouse and you are in another world reminiscent of the great steakhouses in early Las Vegas. The restaurant was named after Ron Lurie, a man known in the community with four years as Mayor of Las Vegas and 14 years as Las Vegas City Councilman.

I was surprised by the variety of selections on Ron’s menu and took my time deciding what to order. Mike requested a Caesars Salad because it was prepared tableside. As Monte, our waiter, was mixing the salad, he asked, “Please let me know if you prefer more or less garlic, a lot of anchovies or none at all.” Not only their salads but everything was prepared exactly the way their guests wanted at Ron’s Steakhouse.

Ron’s Steakhouse Chef Kevin Gaska felt, “It is not only about the show of watching your Caesars salad or bananas Foster dessert being prepared in front of you but the personal touch between the waiter and the guest. This personal attention adds to the meal.”

What a fabulous dinner! The hot bacon dressing awakened my Spinach Salad and mixed well with the chopped eggs and red onions.

I loved the New England Crab Cakes filled with two types of crab, jumbo lump and backfin crab, especially when dipped in the Creole mustard sauce. Chef Kevin explained, “The crab cakes have more crab than any other ingredient so you can really taste the crab because our crab is exceptional. We mix the crab with home-made remoulade sauce which makes it stick together. First the cakes are seared then placed in the oven and served with mustard Creole dipping sauce.

We serve big portions because it wouldn’t be crab cocktail or crab cakes without crab! We want you to taste the crab and eat the crab them while playing in situs baccarat online terpercaya casino games free of cost and win the merchandise just by referring the link on the social media platforms. The way we do it is just wonderful. The crab is from Alaska’s Bering Strait. The crab cocktail is served in a martini glass on a bed of colored sea salt with an ice dish underneath.

We try to go the extra mile with everything we do and hope it comes out in the flavor of all the dishes.”

Ron’s offers seven different certified Angus steaks as well as an Italian touch with Osso Bucco or chicken with three different sauces. You can also try their half rack of lamb, seafood, veal, and other tantalizing selections.

The rib eye steak was so tender and so juicy, I savored every bite. This was a lion’s 22 ounce portion topped with fried onions. The excellent marbling really brought out the flavor. Guests can choose from peppercorn, béarnaise and hollandaise sauces or make any steak Oscar-style.

I met Teresa Martin and her mother, Amelia Santora, happy customers who dine at Ron’s twice a week. Tonight they were celebrating Amelia’s 85 birthday.

Chef Kevin mentioned, “Big portions are what we are all about. Ron’s Steakhouse really wants to satisfy our customers and make sure everybody is full and satisfied when they leave.