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How To Play Omaha Hi Lo

Omaha Hi-Lo is a popular poker variant played much the same as Omaha Hold’em, except that two players will normally split the pot – the High Hand winner and the Low Hand winner. Both Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo have seen a significant incline in favoritism over the past few months, becoming increasingly popular among live and online poker rooms. Omaha Hi-Lo is a game for 2-10 players, using a standard deck of 52-cards.

Object of Omaha Hi-Lo

The object of Omaha Hi-Lo is to use the 9 cards available to you – your own 4 Hole Cards and the 5 Community Cards – to develop the strongest possible 5-card poker hand; then, using those same 9 cards, develop the weakest possible poker hand. While this may seem fairly easy, there are two distinct rules governing Omaha Hi-Lo.

The first regards hand development restrictions – the player must use exactly 2 hole Cards and exactly 3 Community Cards when developing a High Hand or Low Hand. He may use different Hole Cards and Community Cards for each hand, but it must be the same 2+3 ratio. Just like when playing 365bet, you need to be strategic and careful.

The second rule is that Low Hands must be “8 or Better” in order to be a “Qualifying Low Hand”. Because of the importance of this rule, we will provide a separate section below to define it…

Qualifying Omaha Hi-Lo Low Hand

In order to qualify as a winning low hand, the hand must contain no card higher than an 8. Straights and Flushes are not considered combinations, and Aces are counted as the lowest card when developing and Low Hand. Therefore, the best possible Omaha Low Hand is: A-2-3-4-5.

In the same token, the worst Omaha Low Hand that still qualifies would be 4-5-6-7-8.

Betting Structure of Limit Omaha Hi-Lo

Omaha Hi-Lo can be played in all limits – Fixed Limit, Pot Limit and No Limit. For this tutorial, we will use a Fixed Limit betting structure. Fixed Limit means that the stakes of the game determine the size of all Bets and Raises throughout a hand.

There are 4 betting rounds in Omaha Hi-Lo. For the first two betting rounds, all Bets and Raises must match the low-end stakes, while the second two betting rounds double the required Bet/Raise amount to meet the high-end stakes. For example, a $2/$4 game of Omaha Hi-Lo would require $2 Bets/Raises, increased to $4 Bets/Raises for the final two betting rounds.

The Fixed Limit Omaha Hi-Lo stakes also determine the Small and Big Blind amounts. The Small Blind is always 50% of the low-end stakes; the Big Blind equal to the low-end stakes. A $2/$4 FL Omaha Hi-Lo game would require a $1 Small Blind and $2 Big Blind.

The Small Blind is placed by the player left of the Dealer Button. The Big Blind is placed by the player left of the Small Blind.

All other betting options are detailed below.


Decline to wager, but remain active in the hand. This can only be done when no player has Bet before you in the current betting round.

  • Bet: The first wager made in the current betting round.
  • Call: To wager an amount equal to the previous Bet.
  • Raise: To wager an amount higher than the previous Bet.
  • Fold: To surrender your cards and the current pot.

All-In: To bet all remaining chips. An All-In bet must be pushed into a separate pile from the main pot. When going All-In, you cannot win an amount from any player that is higher than your own All-In bet. Note that in a Fixed Limit game of Omaha Hi-Lo, All-In is only an option if you have too few, or just enough chips to Bet, Call or Raise.

How to Play a Hand of Limit Omaha Hi-Lo

In this example hand of how to play Omaha Hi-Lo, we’ll utilize $22/$4 stakes and a Fixed Limit betting structure, as described above.

First, the Small Blind and Big Blind bets are placed. The dealer will then give each player 4 cards, face-down. These are the Hole Cards, to be viewed only by the player they are dealt to. The first betting round begins…

1st Betting Round 

Pre-Flop: Betting starts with the player left of the Big Blind. This player may Call the Big Blind, Raise or Fold. Betting continues in this fashion until the Small Blind bettors turn. This player may Call (or Raise) the current bet by adding enough chips to his Small Blind to do so. If this player Folds, the blind bet is forfeit. The Big Blind bettor may also Call/Raise in the same manner. If no player has Raised until now, this player can choose to Check, since his Big Blind already matches the current Bet. Once all players have Called or Folded, the game continues.

2nd Betting Round

The Flop: The dealer will place 3 cards face-up in the center of the table. These are Community Cards, used by every player, in conjunction with their own Hole Cards. The second round of betting commences, in the same fashion as the last, but this time starting with the player left of the dealer button, as there are no more Blind Bets to be concerned with.

3rd Betting Round

The Turn: A 4th Community card is dealt, then another round of betting begins. For this and the next final round of betting, all Bets and Raises must increase to equal the high-end stakes of $4.

4th Betting Round 

The River: A 5th Community Card is dealt, followed by the final betting round.

The Showdown:

If enough players have Folded at this point to determine a winner, there is no need for a Showdown. Otherwise, the Showdown will commence between all active players. Since there can be two winners, we’ll split it up.

High Hand:

All active players must combine exactly 2 Hole Cards and 3 Community Cards to develop the highest 5-card poker hand (see “poker Hand Ranks” below). The highest ranking hand wins half of the pot.

Low Hand:

All active players then combine exactly 2 Hole Cards and 3 Community Cards (they don’t have to be the same cards used in the High Hand) to develop the lowest possible hand (see “Qualifying Low Hand” above). The lowest hand wins the other half of the pot.

No Qualifying Low Hand: If no hand qualifies for a winning Omaha Low Hand, the High Hand winner claims the entire pot.

Reach Vip Poker Points

There are many VIP programs that are conducted by online poker websites. The main aim of this poker site is give reward to the poker players for their participation in the game. The numbers of players that participate in this game play an important in deciding the VIP poker points that are scored by the poker players. This prize can be in the form of cash, prize, perks and free games that can be used for increasing motivation of poker players. There are many levels in VIP. Different programs will have different levels for VIP. Sliver, bronze, platinum and gold are common levels that are found in poker. There are some poker websites that offer diamond and titanium as VIP. Different online casinos will have different rules and regulations for VIP poker points. Just like judi bola, it is a fun game to play.

VIP programs are dependent on the needs and requirements of poker websites. If you want to find about the different offers that are offered by poker websites at different levels then you need to have a look at prospectus of that particular poker website. Different casinos will have different offers for VIP poker points. If you want to find about different offers that are offered by poker websites then you will have to do research work you will have to find the details of different offers that are offered by different poker websites. The following are some common VIP poker points that are offered by most of the poker websites:

  1. Bronze:

Bronze is considered to be lowest VIP level and it the level which offers very few points to the players of this game. It is termed as introductory level in which the players are introduced to different levels of the game. In this game players get a chance to win free rolls and it is promotion that players get in this game. if you play this game continuously then you will get a chance to reach the desired status in short span of time.

  1. Silver:

Sliver is slightly higher stage then bronze. If you want to win bronze tier then you need to have bronze tier then you need to have high score. With VIP points you get a chance to earn more privilege. Free roll is considered to be common role that can be used for winning this poker game. You also get a chance to play free games and you can also take the benefit of special promotions that are provided by poker websites. You can exchange points with cash.

  1. Gold:

To reach this level players have to be very active. To reach this point you need to score good points. Individuals will receive more perks as compare to bronze and sliver players of this game.

  1. Platinum:

This is considered to be highest level that is offered by VIP poker points. There are some poker websites that offer diamond and titanium at different levels of the game. In platinum level you get a chance to earn good amount. The prizes will be offered in the form of cash prize, special game, free game and different promotions for different group.

Find Out How A Casino On The Web Can Make Gaming Uncomplicated

For those of us who like to be able to wager money, we know that the most exciting games of chance are the best way to do this these days. The thing is, a casino you have to travel to is going to cost you money and this is why it is a smart idea for you to find a casino online that you like. What makes this kind of wagering so much more fun is the fact that you are going to have a blast while you end up spending a lot less money.

What has won a lot of people over is the fact that they can spend less to play more and it is a lot less hassle for them to enjoy these games, as well. These days, the games are really well made which is fantastic considering what a huge amount of fun they are to play, as well. It does not matter whether you are a fan of slots, roulette or even baccarat, you are going to end up having a blast in this kind of digital experience that excites so many people already.

Discover How Much Fun Online Casinos Can Be

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When you stop and take a look at how much more advanced the games have gotten over the years it will be easy for you to see why so many people love these sites nowadays. Today’s casinos on the internet have games that have great sound effects to jack up the excitement as well as gorgeous graphics you will love. You have a whole lot of players on these sites now that you might want to befriend and that can really take things to the next level. There are now people who really love the socializing and that is the main part, other than winning, that they find to be so appealing.

Advanced Blackjack Strategy

When you start off playing Blackjack and go look for a basic strategy, you’ll come across a bunch of basic Blackjack Strategy Charts from Online casino, much like ours. These charts focus on the total value of your starting hand, and therefore are not a 100% accurate. In this article we will take a look at the standard multi-deck, dealer stands at soft 17 chart, and see how can we improve upon it.

The two key words in the sentence above are ‘total value’ and ‘starting hand’. The total value includes several different starting hands, e.g. if you look at the row labelled 12, that means a starting hand of 2T and 75 at the same time, even though you have to play them differently in certain situations. The starting hand is also an issue, since on a lot of occasions we have more information: we either drew more cards and stood on that total, or we can see other players’ cards, which can have a huge influence on our decision. It’s not the same if you have 16 points via having a T6 starting hand, or say a 2345 hand, which we can get to legitimately. This article will showcase most of the situations in which you want to deviate from the Blackjack Strategy Cards available on

About Expected Value

Now, before we get into it, we’d like to explain how we got to the conclusions in this article series. Every decision in gambling has an expected value. It’s basically the end result of infinite runs of the same decision on the same situation. For example, if you have 65 versus a dealer 4, you have a very good doubling opportunity. In some situations, you’ll spike a T and get 21 points instantly, in others you may get a 2, and the dealer might hit 19 and you lose. But the frequency of these events are not equal, one will happen way more often than the other. The Expected Value of doubling here is 0.587, which means you’ll get 1.587 times your bet back here in the long run. The Expected Value of just hitting is 0.294, which is still positive, but way less than the Expected Value of doubling, therefore doubling is better.

In all of the situations listed below, the Expected Value of two decisions are very very close, and depend on minor details, like how many tens are out in the opponents’ hands. In these situations the difference between EVs are small, but not negligable. Since there are a lot of situations where these borderline decisions occur, these add up slowly but steadily in the long run.

Threshold Analysis

There are a lot of ways to determine the highest EV decision. In our case, we went with Threshold Analysis, which basically means we increase extreme (or in most cases, not that extreme) circumstances to the point, where we ‘break’ the rule. We take a simple situation, look for the easiest way to ‘break’ it, and take that as a baseline. We cannot list all the situations, because that would take ages and would not fit into a single article or charts, more like a lexicon. But these simple situations cover more than 95% of these infrequent situations, and the rest is even closer in terms of EV – in a way that probably will not affect our short or long term rewards.

Starting Hands

The Blackjack Charts are surprisingly accurate in regards to most starting hands. There are basically two situations in a 6-deck, Dealer Stands at Soft 17 game (Double and Surrender allowed) in which case our starting hand will make the difference with the same total value.

The first is when we have a starting hand of 12 versus a dealer 4. In the Blackjack Strategy Chart you will see you should stand here. That is actually the case unless you have a 2T. In this case hitting is better by around 1%. It’s not a favourable situation for us either way, but with hitting here we can get a little bit of an edge over those playing just by the chart.

In the second situation we hold 15 versus a dealer ten. This is one of the famous Surrender-situations, one of the very few cases you should do so… unless you have exactly 87. If you have 87 hitting is actually a better option than giving up half our bet for free (this is always a -0.5 EV play). Though the EV of hitting is still -0.49, it’s still .01 better than surrendering. When we play in a game with such a low house edge, every little bit of advantage we can get is crucial.

Looking at our neighbours

Let’s assume that we are still at our starting hands, but we’ve got others playing with us (or we play in a multi-hand table online). In this situation we have much more info than our starting hand. There are 5-10 additional cards (also called dead cards) which might very well influence our decision. In the following part we will list the situations where these 5-10 cards can have a relevant effect on our decision-making. Keep in mind that these are extreme situations, not calculating other cards into the equation. (E.g. if we say you need 2 or more tens to change your decision, that does not include that there might be 2s and 3s out there, that counteract the Ts.) As a general rule of thumb, subtract any number of low cards from the number of high cards or other way around to get the ‘real’ value of high cards out there (so if the board reads TTT2, it counts as two Ts).

When you have a total value of 8 or below, you want to hit regardless of the ‘dead cards’.

When doubling with hands 9-11, the only situation where you don’t want to double is if you have 9 vs a dealer 3, and there are no less than 7 cards worth ten out there. It is a very rare occurance, but not impossible.

Holding 12 versus a dealer 2 or 3, seeing 7+ middling cards will change our decision to stand rather than hitting. Middling cards are 6-9s generally.

Holding 12 versus a dealer 4 is a lot different. There are only 2 Ts have to be dead for hitting to be the good play. Versus a dealer 5 7 tens, a dealer 6 5 tens have to be dead. As a general rule of thumb, never stand versus a dealer 7 regardless of the dead cards.

If you have 13 points in hand, and the dealer has a 2, 5 tens have to be dead for us wanting to stand. In all other situations the threshold is so high, we won’t even list them here. You can find them instead in the PDF below.

Surrendering by dead cards

Surrendering is always a big loss. Half of our bet for sure is a huge loss, while sometimes being correct. But as you will see from the following, even if we can find the smallest edge, surrendering becomes an option we don’t really care about.

If you have a 9 and a 6 versus a dealer T, you only need 2 dead tens for hitting be better than surrendering. If you have a T and a 5, 3 other tens are required.

With any cards worth 16, you need 2 dead tens versus a dealer 9 for hitting. Versus a dealer A you need 6 or more tens to be dead.


As you can see, there are several situations in which he Basic Strategy Chart is not correct, and recognising these situations and acting differently can bring the house edge down quite a bit. But this is not all, if you’re interested in more of these strange scenarios, take a look at our next episode of Advanced Blackjack Strategy. If you’re interested in even more extreme scenarios (ones that are unlikely to pop up during a hand of blackjack), take a look at our PDF on extreme situations (coming soon).

How To Download The Bet365 Mobile App For Android?

Installing Bet365 mobile Apps with access to App Modo turns out to be the easiest method. It often happens that Google Play restrict uploading betting and gambling applications. Besides, plenty of countries have already restricted to Bet365. With the app, you can get the convenience of watching free broadcasts of matches.

Downloading the Bet365 mobile app for Android using App Modo is easy. That said, you will have to follow these steps.

  • open the Bet365 mobile site through Scroll down to the bottom. There you will have press on View all Bet365 apps. Right there, choose Android.
  • Now go ahead with downloading the .apk file. Now you will have to -> Go to the Settings option. There, select Security & Restrictions. -> Press Unknown sources.
  • From there, allow the device to install apk files, not from Google Store. At this point, you will see that the browser might ask you to give permission to your photos, media, and files. Consequently, you will have to press “Allow” to finish the process.
  • Right after this, you will see that the phone has the Bet365 mobile app .apk file downloaded and installed successfully.

Installing the Bet365 .apk file for Android

Open the FileBrowser app on your Android phone. Press “Local Disk” and then “Download”. You should be able to find the Bet365 .apk file that you downloaded earlier. Press on the file and then the “OK” button. If you didn’t follow the first four steps from the previous section, you might receive a popup stating your phone is not allowed to install unknown apps from this source. Should you get this message, press “Settings” and then “Always”. Afterwards, you’ll see a toggle button to allow this source. Press the button to turn it on. You’ll then be redirected to an installation screen; simply press “install”. After the .apk finishes installing, the Bet365 Mobile App should automatically open on your Android device. However, if the app doesn’t open by itself, locate the app on your home screen and open it.

How to download the Bet365 mobile app- iOS version

  • Go to the App Store on your iOS device. There, look for bet365 app ios.
  • Type in “Bet365 Sports” ->Look for the official Bet365 Sports app-> find the “GET” button beside it and click on it.
  • As you do this, you can see that the app will start to install on your phone. For some time, you will have to wait for it to finish.
  • After you see that the app finishes getting installed, look for it on your home screen.

With this step, you can rest assured that the app is successfully downloaded and installed on your iOS device.

Final words

The Benefits of the Bet365 mobile app are unlimited. A better gaming experience starts with the easy way of downloading the app. That said, the gameplay becomes a lot smoother and more comfortable. Being adequately designed for a phone, the app doesn’t result in browser issues. Get access to today to get the supportive interface. The easy user interface makes it easy to register a new account, deposit funds, and start playing! When you can get so many compatible options with the Bet 365 app, it proves to be one of the most amazing sports betting apps for the range of benefits.